Please go online to connect to Spotify

When you log out of your account while set to 'offline mode', you can't log back in because it gives the error message 'please go online to connect to spotify'. I have full internet connection, I'm on Android. 



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All the best 🙂

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Hi @jjjjjjjjjjjjjj! Welcome to the Spotify Community.


We'd recommend restarting your device and let us know if you're still getting the same error. Also, a screenshot of it would be helpful.


Could you let us know what device operating, system version, and Spotify version you're using?


We'll see what we can suggest. Take care 🙂


This is what had happened to me as well this morning, I've tried restarting my device with no luck


Hey @Enyala and @jjjjjjjjjjjjjj!


We tested it on our end, but couldn't recreate this issue on Android.


Could you send us your Android and Spotify version numbers?


Also, could you let us know the exact steps you're taking to recreate the issue?


Keep us posted.


Android 6.0.1 and for spotify. I was playing music in offline mode then got logged out randomly. When I've tried to log back in I get the following in a popup -

You are currently set to offline

Please go online to connect to Spotify

Cancel      Connect


Thanks for the info @Enyala!


Can you access your account from a different mobile device to check if the same thing happens?


Also, we'd like you to try connecting to a different internet connection with your device (WiFi if possible). If it happens again with a different connection, try reinstalling Spotify on your device with these steps.


Let us know if that helps.




The same thing happens on a different device and on my device regardless of different wi-fi connections or just using data.


I'm hesitant to reinstall the Spotify app as I have a lot of music saved that I would lose.


This seems to be an issue that a few people are having -



Thanks for all the info!


Did you recently cleared your phone's cache? Even if the app is set to Offline Mode, you should be able to log back in without any issues.


We strongly suggest reinstalling Spotify to see if you're able to log back in without this error message.


Keep us posted.


I have not cleared my phones cache, no. I understand that I should be able to log back in to my account regardless of whether I had it set to Offline Mode or not, but I can't. I also understand that reinstalling the app will likely fix my problem but I am hesitant to do this due to the amount of music I would have to download again with no way of knowing whether I will have this issue repeat itself once I have downloaded all of my music again.

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Hi, I deleted Spotify from my phone and re-installed and it worked. Upon turning off my phone and turning it on again the problem has come back. I'm on android 7.0, Spotify version I can't take a screenshot of the error as it seems screenshots are disabled on Android. 


I've tried clearing cache too. Any further suggestions welcome. 


Thanks for trying and letting us know about this @jjjjjjjjjjjjjj.


Just to confirm, do you use an SD card on your Android device? If so, we'd like you to try reinstalling the app one more time. This time, make sure to remove the SD card from your device while you reinstall the app. Once you're done, try to access Spotify without putting the SD card yet. Test the service for a while and it all looks good, put the SD card back on your device and make one more test.


Let us know if that helps.