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Please stop grouping female artists in radio regardless of genre/style

Radio stations originating from female-fronted artists have 90% female artists featured.  While I love my female-fronted bands, it's rather limiting/pigeon-holing to have a Sleater-Kinney radio only have female bands, even in unrelated genres.  Another example, Grimes radio won't play awesome intricate electronic/dance music, but instead kind of similar sounding female vocalists (Angel Olsen, Warpaint, etc.) While I enjoy these female musicians, they certainly aren't of a similar genre to Grimes and would be more approriate if I'd selected a similar genre musician.  

Any way that we could stop grouping female artists in radio just because they are female?

Hey @rileyk32! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

Spotify doesn't make any distinction between gender but I completely understand where you're coming from and rest assured, I've passed on your feedback on this. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.


Take care! 🙂


This definitely happens for both male and female based artists, 3 years on. With the music I have been listening to if I browse Related Artists when I'm viewing a male artist it will show mostly male artists and the flip with female artists.

It's pretty obviously a trend in how things are getting categorized whether Spotify says they really just don't do that or not. I am sure it's a pretty mechanical thing happening so I am just drawing attention, not making issue.