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Podcast Progress Incorrect on Desktop

Status: Not Right Now







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Podcast progress is not working correctly on the desktop app. When I finish an episode, the next episode will play but the progress bar still shows zero progress. The mobile app displays progress correctly. I can sometimes manually slide the progress bar towards the end to keep track of what I've listened to, but that sometimes resets to zero, also.  If the desktop app had an option to 'mark as played' like the mobile app, then this wouldn't be that big of a deal. The main reason I use Spotify for podcasts is the ability to use both desktop and mobile apps, but this is really a nuisance. I have tried a clean install, but no improvement. 

Hey there folks,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've passed on all your feedback to the right teams who are continuing looking into this.


For now we'd recommend keeping your Spotify app up to date to guarantee you’re rocking all the latest features and fixes. 


You can also try changing the 'Filtered by' option from All Episodes to Unplayed Episodes. The episode that you finished playing may disappear despite the progress bar being grey.


Keep in mind that you can also add your +VOTE to this idea if you'd like to have the option to mark podcast episodes as played on Desktop, as is possible with the mobile app.


Thanks again!


I can't flocking believe that Spotify does not get its act together.

We're talking basic functionality.


In all : I have gone back to my (free!) PodcastAddict. It involves manual handling, too, but at least it has a far better user experience over podcasting on Spotify.  

Also, I  cancelled my Spotify subscription - and never ever shall I return to Spotify due to this dismal performance. What a cluster**bleep**.



I still have problems with this. ;(


When I listen to an episode on Desktop (Mac) it's still "unlistened" on my iphone App.
When I listen to an episode on my iphone it's still "unlistened" on Desktop (Mac).

Really annoying!!


170077238_168558268451769_5086061423453773652_n.jpgThis is gonna be me really soon... 


I use Spotify for podcasts for Joe Rogan (and some music)  and it has NEVER saved my spot on the podcast. I only use one device and any time I toggle between music and Joe Rogan, it loses my spot. Also, for some reason it’s easier to fat finger things on the Spotify app than others so it often times moves back and forth between podcasts, thus once again not remembering my progress. S O. A N N O Y I N G !!!!! 

Additionally, it’s beyond frustrating that the download feature (audio or video) for Spotify does not work on the Joe Rogan podcasts. The bulk of my listening was while traveling (airplane and road trips with no cell signal) so I would download his podcasts to pass the time. It’s kind of mind blowing that I could do it for free on other platforms and now I pay $16 /month and have 10x the issues and less accessibility and cane actually listen when I want to.... 


It kind of blows my mind that this issue was on a different post ( and upvoted with the needed amount of votes, poorly executed to the point that the issue is not at all solved, marked as being implemented, and pushed to the side because of an internal programing error.


Now the users that pay monthly for subscriptions have to start over with the request process because of a programming error. It's a major bummer and unfair to the users that are affected by this issue, which is anyone that listens to podcasts on a PC on your platform.


I understand that there are probably other issues that y'all are working on but I think it's safe to say that your program documenting the played or not played status on a podcast is instrumental to the user experience.  


Having this issue as a Premium user on Desktop Windows 10. Pretty annoying especially when it happens because of an ad play (which is another story - I pay for Premium and expected it to be ad free - I'm never going to buy a Mazda!)

  1. Ill say this only works on The Joe Budden Podcast ( which i love).
  2. But any other podcast and it never remembers my place, very weird.
  3. The functionality is there but its not being widely implemented 

The thread for "not syncing playlist progress BETWEEN devices" is marked as Solved or Implemented with a note that it still doesn't work and links here. They closed the comments by marking something Solved that is not.

This has been a huge headache to go from car/mobile to home laptop and start the podcast where I left off, I just want to cook or chill after work. I've had multiple times where it randomly plays at an early time mark and by the time you notice it's like great its reset to this new time and you're skipping around hoping to recognize where you were at. Do I literally have to look at my phone when I park to see the podcast progress, write down the time mark in my notes app, then open on laptop and move the bar myself??!! Also the timeline being in HOUR:MINUTE:SECOND on mobile and then TOTAL MINUTES: SECONDS on desktop makes that super duper confusing!!


I'm having this issue as well with macos app and ios app, it will switch to an older podcast, usually about 4 episodes back, where I stopped listening (like half way through the podcast), then when I go back to the latest episode I was listening to it starts the podcast over at the beginning and I loose my spot. This is a safety issue because when I'm driving and loose my spot and try to get back I almost die because i'm not paying attention to driving, and the driving mode makes this very hard.   I've been having this issue for months and I'm finally getting annoyed enough to write this. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT.


Sharing my hack for this issue that is STILL. NOT. FIXED!


I've started operating my spotify exclusively from my phone. So even if I'm using my laptop to listen to a podcast I am technically "broadcasting" or "controlling" it from my phone. This way it is always at the correct place. For me, when playing on my phone you can click the little icon next to the play button to toggle between devices to listen on and mine included my MacBook. I didn't do anything to set this up so not sure how you would go about adding it. You need to have the spotify app open on the MacBook already, just don't click anything! It's just the portal for the mobile app broadcasting and it will start to play from laptop speakers. Again not an ideal solution but this has greatly helped my sanity levels!