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Podcast Progress Incorrect on Desktop

Status: Not Right Now







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Podcast progress is not working correctly on the desktop app. When I finish an episode, the next episode will play but the progress bar still shows zero progress. The mobile app displays progress correctly. I can sometimes manually slide the progress bar towards the end to keep track of what I've listened to, but that sometimes resets to zero, also.  If the desktop app had an option to 'mark as played' like the mobile app, then this wouldn't be that big of a deal. The main reason I use Spotify for podcasts is the ability to use both desktop and mobile apps, but this is really a nuisance. I have tried a clean install, but no improvement. 

Hey there folks,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've passed on all your feedback to the right teams who are continuing looking into this.


For now we'd recommend keeping your Spotify app up to date to guarantee you’re rocking all the latest features and fixes. 


You can also try changing the 'Filtered by' option from All Episodes to Unplayed Episodes. The episode that you finished playing may disappear despite the progress bar being grey.


Keep in mind that you can also add your +VOTE to this idea if you'd like to have the option to mark podcast episodes as played on Desktop, as is possible with the mobile app.


Thanks again!


My Question or Issue

I started using Spotify for listening to my podcasts few months ago. I liked the way Spotify keeps track of all the progress and shows the progress bar full when I've listened to a specific episode. In the last few weeks I started to noticed some issues on the way the progress system is working: when I finish an episode the progress is resetted to the beginning (before was left totally full) and then some day I noticed that a lot of episodes that I'm sure I have listened, are randomly with zero progress.

I don't know if it is a problem of my machine, I tried to fully uninstall and reinstall but the issue still remains. I've tried the web player from the same machine, and the issue still remains. You can find a little video attached with the issue.







Operating System

Windows 10


I have the same problem for around 3 weeks. I have found no work around. The blue bar is fine as long as the episode is not completed which is what I do when I want to remember where I was left, that is, play the next one for 1-2 minutes just so I can see.

The mobile version (Android) is fine, but the Desktop one doesn't synchronize. I mostly use the Desktop app for podcasts.
In addition, this has now created some randomness in my podcasts as the first episodes are blank, then they start having blue bars all over, then the latest played ones have grey bars.

Makes it extremely hard and I actually kinda stopped using Spotify initially due to this issue.


Just a clarification. I am facing this issue on both a Windows 10 (Pro) and a Windows 7. 


Same problem on Spotify on MacOS


I've been experiencing this issue with the desktop application. The blue color in the progress bar is set to zero after listening to episodes. I have to refer to my mobile app for my progress in each episode and each podcast channel. Thankfully, the device share is a work-around in place, but it is very inconvenient. Also, I reinstalled the Spotify desktop application on my Windows 10, and all progress was lost for every podcast. Please help get the mobile app and desktop program in sync.

I'm having the same problem. Desktop progress bar for podcast goes gray after finishing the episode. Android app has the full bar in those episodes though.

Desktop version:
OS: Win 10

Same problem, looks like starting around January 10, 2020. Progress bar appearing blank for podcasts that have been listened to on both iOS app and Windows 10 desktop. Very annoying.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this to us!


We can confirm the right team are aware of this, and they're looking into it.


If you’re experiencing this issue we'd suggest you try a clean reinstall first and if that doesn't help, make sure to add your +VOTE and leave a comment with your information below, so that the tech team can investigate this further:

  • Your device and its OS version.
  • The exact Spotify version.
  • Is this happening with any podcast or only select ones?
  • Any screenshots or screen recordings you can provide illustrating the issue.

In the meantime we'd recommend keeping your Spotify app up to date to guarantee you’re rocking all the latest features and fixes.


You can also try changing the 'Filtered by' option from All Episodes to Unplayed Episodes. The episode that you finished playing may disappear despite the progress bar being grey.


Thanks! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.


OS: MacOS 10.15.3


Podcast: LINUX Unplugged


This is happening to all podcasts I'm subscribbed (screen in attachmen). Selected title was played on my iPhone and on computer. And after it ends, progress goes back to 0. Filtering by Unplayed Episodes still shows this episode.


Screenshot 2020-03-14 at 19.24.33.png


OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (Service Pack 1)

It appears with all podcasts.

As for "Unplayed Episodes", it is becoming tricky as it treats some of the first episodes of the podcast as unplayed despite being already played (which the mobile version agrees with) but the latest ones that are greyed out do not appear. Each podcast is different in this aspect. One has only the first three episodes as unplayed, another has almost the entirety of the podcast as unplayed, the other has 1/3 of it as unplayed and then there are others where even the latest episodes played are displayed as "unplayed" though it must be noted that I haven't played any episodes in those podcasts in a while, almost none since I noted this problem. 

P.S: At work I am using the same Spotify version but Windows 10 Professional and I am facing the same issue and as far as I remember, the same episodes are shown as "unplayed" and/or greyed out. 


Edit: In my work pc all old podcast episodes are correctly shown as played with the bar full. But the latest played episodes are still grey. 

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise




Same issue on MacOS Catalina 10.15.4.

Spotify version

This occurs for me across all podcasts and means that I have to stop the podcasts finishing prior to the end so that they are not showing as blank in the progress bar. This is particularly annoying on very short clips as it means it is never able to be close to 'full' and is not sorted in line with the other podcasts.