Podcast episodes appear in alphabetical order in the queue

Status: Fixed

We've received reports that in the Desktop app, podcast episodes appear in alphabetical order in the queue, regardless of how you sort them. This occurs both on Windows and Mac.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone - just make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify.


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant Help board here.


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Hey folks!

This should now be working correctly.

Make sure your app is updated & please check if the issue persists for you 🙂



Windows 11

Spotify Version

Spotify für Windows

Troubleshooting Tries

Changed Sort Order
Restarted PC



I have a same issue. I use Windows 10. I use Spotify version

I have tried to reinstall Spotify to fix this issue, but without any good result. I have also noticed, that this issue don't occur on Android, Web player, or Alexa Echo dot. This issue occur on Spotify in queue playing of Spotify podcasts. I have used an Echo dot device or My Android mobile to fix It, but It is just by listening. This issue must be fixed also on the desktop app, because listening on another device isn't solution.

Also, problem is only with queue, epysodes are normally sorted.


Operating System: Windows 10

Spotify for Windows

Clean re-install, rebooting. 

There's been no change. Was working fine before, podcasts were queuing as expected and then all of a sudden the past few weeks it's been strictly alphabetical order


Hello there, I'm facing the same problem

macOS Monterey version 12.2.1

Spotify Version

Spotify for macOS (Intel)

Troubleshooting Tries

Changed Sort Order
Restarted PC

Did a clean reinstall of Spotify


Is there any updates regarding this issue? it's been moths since I've been experiencing this and I essentially can't play podcasts on my pc anymore. Spotify is the only one that worked for me and now it doesn't anymore. I've tried everything from troubleshooting/clearing appdata and cache, installing from Microsoft and setup.exe, and clean reinstalling.


Spotify Version

Spotify for Windows


Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 21H2
OS build 22000.493



@Anikazureese agreed. It's starting to get very frustrating. Especially when I'm 500 episodes into a podcast and have to scroll down every time to manually select the next episode and add it to my queue. 


@Yordan any updates?


Linux user here - this seems like pretty basic stuff. Is it really that podcasts can't be played in any sort of sensical order?


Installed via Flatpak

Ubuntu 20.04


I agree!
The list is a huge flop thanks to the BUG of the sorting.
And with long podcasts it is a pain to have to scroll to episode 50 every time because it won't open the actual podcast on your current episode either. 
And if you're nearing the end, sure you can I guess there reverse the sorting. But if say episode 100 is only midway your podcast you'll be scrolling a while.


They NEED to fix this. 
It is such an easy thing. Literally just apply the same option as for any other playlist. 


A couple months ago, any podcasts that I have been playing stopped playing in order, no matter how I sort them "oldest to newest" "newest to oldest" etc. I have double and triple checked to make sure that "shuffle" is turned off and podcasts STILL play out of order all the time. I am on Spotify for Windows -- which I made sure was updated before posting this.


In addition, the implementation of lazy loading of the episodes of podcasts that have many many episodes is behaving in a very frustrating manner. It seems like once every 30 minutes or so, after having forced Spotify to load all the episodes up to where I am at in the their library (e.g., episode 20 of 584), the lazy loading "unloads" all of the episodes and the correct episodes no longer play properly and it is impossible to tell where you were at before, since you have to go through and load them all again.


I would suggest either giving users an option to disable lazy loading of episodes (which would load all episodes any time a podcast is viewed in the app, IF they have turned off lazy loading) -- or else -- give users a button to load ALL episodes at once, rather than having to scroll down and continually scrub the scroll bar to get the lazy loading functionality to happen over and over and over and over again... as this is SUPER frustrating.


Hi @HezVDMeij,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Could you provide us with some screenshots which show how your podcast episodes are sorted?


Currently, you can sort in Your Episodes by Recently added, Creator and Alphabetical. Creator sorts in descending manner, while Alphabetical - in ascending.


Keep us posted on this.