Podcast poor video quality on TV

Status: Fixed

We've received reports that podcasts have poor video quality on TV. This is present mostly on LG devices with WebOS, but also when using Chromecast.

Hi everyone,

Great news, our teams backstage have done their magic and this should now be Fixed 🙂


If you're still experiencing this issue we recommend restarting your TV and checking for any available firmware updates.


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iPhone Xr, LG smartTV

Operating System

iOS 15, WebOS


My Question or Issue

I am watching a podcast on my SmartTV (LG) via installed Spotify app, and the video quality is beyond terrible.

Is there a way to influence the video size? Now it’s not watchable.

TV is fully updated



Hey @markus_ch,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Can you let is know if all video podcasts run at a very low quality or is it just a particular one? Is the audio affected as well?


Looking forward to your reply.



I quickly checked couple episodes of Joe Rogan podcast and also couple episodes of Lex Friedman podcast and all videoepisodes are very blurry and low resolution. The same episode watched on iPhone is sharp, so it seems the issue is with WebOS client only.

I sm using Spotify for WebOS v. 2.0.24, updated on 23.11.2021


Attached is screenshot from Joe Rogan episode with Randall Carlson, zoom in on the text on bottom right - totally blurry. Same text on iPhone screen is sharp and readable despite the small screen.


I'm encountering the same issue with my LG TV

webOS version 5.40.26

Spotify app version 2.0.24





I have this problem too, usually with Joe rogan. One solution that worked up until last week was that I would start a new episode and go back out and open another earlier episode that had already played in full quality and then I'd go back into the episode I was trying to watch and it would instantly go to full hd. That doesn't work anymore!! Please fix this issue Spotify, I pay for premium!! 


Hey folks,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


If the video quality is low, there can be different factors interfering with the performance of the app.


First, we'd recommend a full reinstall of the Spotify app on your TV. After reinstalling, please unplug the TV cord for a couple minutes and plug it back in. This can refresh the signal you're getting and may set the performance to high quality again.


If this doesn't do the trick, please reset the router and try again. If possible, try to use a different WiFi network to see if the quality gets better or not.

In case you don't have a different WiFi network, you can create a hotspot from your phone and try it from there.


Hope this helps. We’ll be on the lookout for your next response. 



I have the exact same issue. Trying to watch podcasts and the video is blurry. This makes it unlikely to be wifi related for both of us. This happens on my LGtv app, as well as my skyQ box app. This makes it unlikely to be app related. 
The signs are pointing to a Spotify issue, and to keep my money coming in, I’d like my service to work, please.


Hi @AngeloFarrugia,


Thank you for reaching out on this thread!


There could be many reasons why this is happening, so we'd like to narrow down the issue as much as possible.


To start, are your TV and skyQ box connected to the internet via WIFI or ethernet? If it's WIFI, it's worth testing how it works with an ethernet cable.


Also, can you log in with another account, such as a friend's or a family member's to see if the issue persists? Alternatively, you can create a free account here, just make sure you're logged out of your own account before creating a new one.  


Let us know how this goes.


Thank you for all the advises, unfortunately none seem to work. Let me tell you in detail what I tested.

  1. Switched wired network to wi-fi, restarted the TV - no change in quality
  2. Switched back to wired network from wi-fi, restarted the TV - no change in quality
  3. Logged out of my Spotify account, logged in with my wife's account - no change in quality
  4. Uninstalled Spotify, restarted the TV (pulling the cord for 5 min), installed back - no change in quality

Therefore I assume the issue is not caused by account setting, internet connection throughput (Netflix and Youtube runs comfortably in 4k) or TV performance, but must be caused by the Spotify app.

If there is another test you want me to do let me know, however I would like to URGE the Spotify development team to look at the app and fix the issue as soon as possible.


Last question - is there a way how can I raise official bug request with tracking number (issue number)?