Podcasts- There was a problem displaying this page!







Operating System

Windows 10 (not sure about number, but most up to date)


My Question or Issue

I was playing my podcasts like usual up until a moment ago when Spotify had an update.  I did the update and now can't access my podcasts.  It looks like everything else is working just fine.  I even re-installed it and still nothing.  I think the update needs a patch.


Hey everyone,


Thank you for your reports. This should now be resolved, just make sure you have your apps up-to-date


If you're still experiencing this, make sure to create a new post on the help boards and we'll help you out from there. 


All the best!


Although I can't access my followed podcasts via "Your Library", I can still find my podcasts with the search bar. It's an ok work around until they get the library patched. 😞 


I came back to the app after lunch and found that it was the top of the page that wasn't working.  If I scroll a bit, I can still see my saved podcasts?  It's an odd bug.


Same on iMacScreen Shot 2019-05-02 at 9.11.10 AM.png OS v10.11.6 (iMac)

Spotify v1.1.5.153.gf614956d

Also, I tried a clean install and that did not fix the issue.







PC & Laptop, v. (Windows Store-Version)

Operating System

Windows 10


My Issue

When clicking on "Library" => "Podcasts" the following page appears (german for "An error occured when displaying this page." and "this page does not exist or an error occurred").


- The problem exists on my Laptop and on my PC, so it should be an account problem.

- I tried also to sign out and sign in again - did not help.








Hey @Sintho


That's unfortunate, but don't worry, I'm here to help.


Have you tried a clean reinstall? To do that, follow the steps listed in the tutorial that I've linked.

Note: After deleting the client, make sure there are no files left in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify before installing it again!



Same here. Windows 7. Most of my followed podcasts are hidden beneath a "there was a problem..." overlay. Problem started immediately after update.


I'm also having this problem, also in Spotify for Linux, but in English. Screenshot from 2019-04-30 20-40-14.png


I have tried uninstalling/resinstalling. So far no luck. I just signed up for the specific purpose of using Spotify for podcasts, so being unable to use this feature means I will cancel my subscription if this cannot be fixed very quickly.


Having the same issue after updating.


I'm having the same issue. I can scroll down and see 2 out of my 6 saved podcasts, otherwise the top of the page just says "there was an problem displaying this page". Very strange.


I'm having the same issue. Most of my podcasts are gone behind the error page. For someone who decided to go public, so much of their program is a mess.