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Podcasts won't remain paused

Android users have reported that when they press pause on a podcast, the playback is automatically resumed shortly after.


This is under investigation.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We're happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone - just make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify.


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Cheers 🤘


Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing this info.


Can you please also let us know your exact Spotify app version?


For anyone that still hasn't shared their device model and OS version, please do so as this will speed up the investigation.




Pixel 6 Pro,  Android 14, Spotify version


Also an issue for me. Nubia red magic 6 pro running android 12 and Spotify version It only affects podcasts. No matter how many times I hit the pause button, it'll unpause and play after a second. Clean reinstall did not help. Rebooting my phone did not help. Force closing the app did not help.


Same problem for me as well. Podcasts keep resuming to play after I hit the pause button. 


I already un-installed the app and wiped the app data. Problem was not solved after that. 


App Version:

Android 13

Xiaomi MI9T


I also have this issue with podcasts not pausing, songs are pausing fine. A clean reinstall did not help.

Pixel 6 Pro
Android 14
Spotify version


Hey folks, 


Thanks for sending over those details we needed! We've sent the info over to the tech team and they'll be checking this issue further. We'll update you as soon as we have any news.


Cheers 🙂







Pixel 7 pro

Operating System

Android 14 


My Question or Issue

When I use Spotify, if I try to pause anything I'm playing, it will automatically start playing again on its own. It will pause for a second or two but then just start playing again. This happens no matter where I try to pause from or if I'm connected to external devices or not. It happens with my headphones, my car, my speaker, from the app, from the widget, or from the notification bar. The only way I can get it to stop playing is to force close the app, or swipe it away from the open apps screen. I've tried clearing my cache, uninstalling, and updating, nothing works. Does anyone know why or how to fix?


Samsung S23 Ultra, Android 14, Spotify Premium.

This is an update on the podcasts and audiobooks not pausing problem I have been experiencing. There was a Spotify update today. I cleared all Spotify data, signed out of Spotify, uninstalled Spotify, restarted the phone and installed the latest version for Android ( I tried downloading and streaming different audiobooks and podcasts. The problem with them not pausing is still there. I had hoped this update would fix the problem but it has not. 


Hey everyone,


Thank you for keeping in contact and for the shared info.

In order to look into this further with the relevant team, and in case you haven't sent it yet; let us know the following info:


- Your device info (make/model) and OS version

- Exact Spotify version


Also, would you mind confirming if using your account on a different device, or letting someone log in on your device to try makes any difference @DeezerSoundsBetter? This will help us understand if it could be account-related or not.

Lastly, and if possible; could any of you record a short video where we can take a better look? You can attach it to your next response by using the Insert Video option in the post editor. You can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and share the link with us (make sure the video has the permissions for anyone to see it).

We'll be on the lookout.


Hey @Lumjazbolumjaz,


Apologies for the delayed reply here!
We did some digging around the forum but it seems this issue is isolated to your device for the time being.
That being said - if the issue still persists - we can try to wipe all Spotify-related data from your device and then install the app anew to see if that would make a difference. To do so, follow the steps from this article.

Tip: It's also worth checking how much storage you have on your device.
Any overly large playlists might also interfere with the app functionality at a certain point, so it's also something you might want to get a look into 🙂

In case nothing of the abovementioned solutions helps, you can try logging in with a different Spotify account on your device to see if the issue would persist. That way we'd know if it's device-related or account-related, which is a good start.

We'll be on the lookout for your reply! 🙌🏼