Possible Bug No Chromecast Audio

Lots of people seem to be reporting today no chromecast audio on Spotify. I can get audio from YouTube and other apps but when i chromecast Spotify the picture and song cover comes up and the counter ticks down but no audio.

Hey folks, 


Thanks for all of the reports. We've just heard back from the tech team, and can confirm that this has been fixed! 


If you're still having trouble, we'd suggest following the steps here for a quick reinstall. 



Happy listening! 

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Was working fine before latest update. Here's what happens now:

I open spotify, connect to chromecast, click play on the song I want; then the song pops up but it's paused and every time I hit play, the connected symbol goes grey for a second and it stays paused.

Chromecast is how I play spotify through my sound system, so as a premium member, I'm pretty upset I can't currently do that. Hope this gets resolved soon.

I'm suddenly seeing a similar problem - neither the PC nor the Android phone can see the Chromecast unit anymore. I can successfully connect and cast the Chrome browser, Netflix, etc but Spotify will not recognise the unit whatever I do. It used to work fine. As a circumvention I'm now casting the PC screen using Chrome while playing the music from the Spotify program. Poor quality but it works. Btw, the problem is NOT related to connections to different wifi networks. 

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Hey folks! Thanks for your reports!

That's not cool! Could you head to this page and go through these steps? Also, @catlover7, keep in mind that you can't discover Google Cast devices from the desktop app right now. Let me know how you get on with the troubleshooting steps! :)


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I have the same issues. And the article does not cover the solution. Premium... using the andriod app on my phone. Worked fine until recently. 

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Hello @Dancoleau!


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First, try to make sure:
  • You have the latest firmware installed on your Chromecast device.
  • Your device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.
Then, follow the steps here.
Let us know how it goes.
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I'm having this issue.


Spotify was working perfectly with chromecast previously.  I've tried reinstalling all related apps on my phone (spotify, google home), clearing cache, casting from web-browser and desktop apps, factory reset of Chromecast, resetting my router.  All visual indicators on all devices (including phone, computer, and TV that the chromecast is connected to) indicate that things should theoretically be working (i.e. the right song and album art display, timestamp matches, skipping songs and changing tracks works just fine) but no audio plays (as if it is muted). The audio will play fine from computer and phone just not once I switch to the chromecast.


I have the latest version of Spotify installed (i.e. just reinstalled today) and Android version 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4


I'm using a model H2G2-42 Chromecast with firmware version 1.26.92486.


Other chromecast enabled apps work just fine for audio and video (i.e. Youtube, Google play music and movies, and pocket casts).


((Edited to add: in case it helps I use a Samsung model LN40A550P3FXZC TV and an optical audio cable to the sound system. Audio also does not work if I just try to use the television sound directly


Also, as other people pointed out I tested it deliberately and after trying to play Spotify other apps won't connect to the chromecast until you reboot so it does seem to be crashing something. Before I was doing so much rebooting and reinstalling that I didn't test this))

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Ive made sure im on the latest firmware and i have followed all the steps. Still no audio. All other apps working fine with both audio and video, YouTube etc.

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Ive now noticed Spotify had an app update yesterday, this is obviously the problem, was playing audio fine before then, can you roll back an app update?

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Same issue here; other apps produce sound, spotify app in chromecast does  not.