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Premium Student accounts showing as free in the app and web player



We've received reports about the above issue which seems to be affecting all platforms and is happening mostly for users in the US.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.





I have recently started the 3 month student trial on my account just this morning. I got a confirmation email from sheerID (photo below) and verified my current plan on the Spotify website on my laptop (photo linked below). No ads appeared on my laptop when signed in on the app.

HOWEVER, both my iPad and iPhone shows that my account is still under the "Free" plan and getting none of the premium benefits on both of those devices (picture below). I tried logging out and back in on both devices, deleting and reinstalling the app, updating the app, and changed wifi networks, but nothing worked. 

I am wondering if it takes a few days to process my free trial, but it is strange that only my laptop shows signs of the premium benefits but not my other deceives that are all logging into the same account... 


Any other ideas I should try? Or am I missing something?







I just bought student premium, and on the Spotify app it’s still saying I only have the free subscription, but on the website, it says I have the student premium plan. Please help. 

Hi guys,


I looked everywhere I couldn't find where to create a post on this community. Actually tried very hard to find it, so since I didn't Im just dropping this random issue here.


My situation is that I looked in on a Airbnb tv some time ago and even after a few months I haven't been able to log out from this TV. I went to the spotify website and clicked at sign out everywhere, then I went to the apps page and removed all devices, plus changed my password right after. What happens is sometimes while I'm listening to something suddenly it stops and when I take a look on my app it says " Listening from [LG] webOS TV UM76..." so I don't know what else to do. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

I have already logged out and in several times. However, the premium is not updating to my account.


Was free, now student




Galaxy S8 and Windows OS, tried on both 11 and 10

Operating System

Android v9


My Question or Issue

Two days ago I applied for the student plan, and verified my college identity through SheerID. I got the verification email and clicked it to receive this page


I've looked at a bunch of solutions online and they all get me to this page, and every time I go back to the app it still says "Explore Premium" and all premium features are blocked. I'm thinking the issue might be with the fact that I am in the three month trial period, as well as whenever things pop up about premium in the app it says "return to premium", but I've never had premium until now so I don't know why it says to return. If I don't have access to three months free of premium that's fine, I just want to know now instead of waiting for three months to pay.


Please help me if you have any ideas on how to fix this.


Update: I don't know what happened as I haven't done anything since, but it's fixed! Spotify premium is applied and working.


I have the exact same problem! I've tried logging out, uninstalling and re-installing the app, restarting my devices, everything. On my account page it says my current plan is Student Premium but I can't access any features in the desktop or iOS app.


Hey y'all,


The same thing is happening to me. I just purchased the premium student for 5.99$/month

I have logged out of all of my devices and waited for over two hours now, but still my app on my phone and computer thinks I have a free account even though on my account overview says that I have Premium for students.

It does say under the part of "Your plan" section that I have a "TRIAL" premium for students.

So maybe, since it gives you the 3 months of free premium that is what is causing the issue. Spotify issue.png


I have the same problem


I have the same issue!

I used my Windows 10 desktop Chrome (Version 115.0.5790.173 (Official Build) (64-bit)) to change my subscription from "Free" to " 3 months of Premium for $0" and I got on my account page "Your plan TRIAL Premium for Students". But when logged back into the IOS app - it says "subscription Free".! I've tried logging out, upgrading, restarting, and login in on my iPad, another iPhone...nothing helped. Even more, I logged into Spotify using Safari (iPhone) - "Your plan TRIAL Premium for Students" and clicked switch to the app, and again I got "subscription Free" and restrictions according to free subscription.

Please help solve it!


I am facing the same problem!!! I enrolled in the student premium account with 3 month free and everything went smoothly. However I don't have any premium features even though my account also says I have premium student subscribed.. I have tried everything, logging in and out, reinstalling the app, different devices. But I am still effectively using the free version. Need help!!