Premium User - Play stops when playlist jumps to next track.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab II


Operating System Version: Android 4.2.2 kernel - 1978026


Spotify Version: Current for that Android version


Description: Premium account - Problem only started after latest Spotify update. Offline playlists with Wifi turned off. Playlist stops when jumping to next track every 2 to 3 tracks. Sometimes, cursor will hang at start of track, sometimes play cursor will continue into track but sound will be muted. Pausing and unpausing will restore audio. Spotify was completely uninstalled and reinstalled, and only a few select playlists were downloaded for offline use. Problem persists.


To reproduce:

  1. Step 1 - Play playlist offline with wifi turned off
  2. Step 2 - Wait 2 or 3 tracks, and at start of next track playback will either hang, or audio will mute.
  3. ...


Pause playback, then unpause. Playback resumes, and/or audio returns.



Additional information: This issue has also been happening on my TiVo Roamio for the past 12 months, only the TiVo is always connected to the internet.



Hey all!

It's looking like this is under control now, so we're gonna close up this thread.

Give us a shout if you're still having any trouble with this, though, and we'll take another look!



The version of Spotify I am using is V4.6.0.772.

This problem did not happen in previous versions.



Got the exact same issue


Samsung Note 3 Neo Duos

Android Version 4.3

Spotify Version


Same issue here on Samsung Galaxy S II.

Worked fine before.

After today's update, stops playing randomly (or goes mute). Pause & resume fixes it each time.



Very similar issue. Song switches to next and no sound. I have noticed it only happens when my screen is locked though. If i do not let the tablet fall asleep and actually watch the track switch, the sound will continue as normal. It happens for any playlist with me though, not just offline. It happens after every single track of a spotify playlist like the ones under genres and moods and occasionally during custom playlists. Connected to wifi or not makes no difference. I am using an asus transformer infinity with latest spotify update. Pause and play brings the sound back.

Exact same thing happens to me too, beyond frustrating because I listen to Spotify at night to sleep and haven't been able to because of this issue.. I thought it was just me!

My screen is not locked. I use my Samsung Android tablet in my car, and I always have Torque Pro running in the foreground, and Spotify open and playing in the background. I do not have any other apps running. Torque is receiving bluetooth data from my car's OBD port, and the stereo headphone jack of the Samsung tablet is plugged into my car amp so I can listen to Spotify in my car (offline).


Again, this all worked perfectly for 2 years, until the last Spotify software update.



Same here. I can watch the song on my phone (not locked) transition to the next and then it does so smoothly only the next song has no sound. I had to pause play or press back to resume the sound. I dunno how it got to this. I mean thats the only thing spotify does right? Play songs?

Well played, remingtton9, well played.

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey all!


Thanks for the feedback on this issue. It's very much appreciated!


Our tech folks are currently looking into this issue for you, and should have a fix shortly. So watch this space. In the meantime, if you head to Spotify's settings menu and enable Crossfade, this should offer a work around for the time being.


We hope that helps for the time being and do keep the feedback on this coming 🙂




Spotify on Android device stops playing (mutes) after 1-2 played tracks. Progress bar is still running. Have to press paus then play.

Crossfade seems to work as a short-term solution.




Android Version 4.1.1

Spotify Version (problem started after the latest update)