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Preview Picture wont update


as soon as I restart spotify this bug is fixed but after some time it's coming again.

This section here:

Stops working after some played tracks.

That means it could happen that it's the artist from a advertisement, the picture from a track 5 songs ago and the title is correct.


Got this bug since the newest version.




okay I tried to run spotify as admin.

But that doesn't help to fix the problem.





Me having the same problem in two different computers, one with Windows 10 and other with Windows 7.  Spotify updated to lastest version in both. ( It havens since a Spotify update a weeks ago.

I though it was a general bug in all accounts as my friends has the same problem.


After a while running Spotify the song image, title and playing bar freezes and don't change until you restart the app.


Same here. For me, it usually happens after an ad plays. The song title and picture will be stuck. I have to close the app and open it again so it goes back to normal. 


Hey @RennerLee and @rhinyx, thanks for reaching out to us for help!


Could you check if reinstalling from safe mode helps at all? You can find the steps on one of my previous posts on this thread.


@RennerLee, could you let us know the Spotify version and the operating system you are using? 


Keep us posted.


I have the same issue (on Mac Os), I use the latest Spotify version


After an advertisement the album cover picture and artist name gets frozen and when I play other songs it doesn't change.


Only re-starting Spotify solves the issue


@MaryC1 I am running it on Windows 10 , my spotify version is the latest one :


I am running Spotify v. for OS X. I have the same "frozen preview picture/artist name/song name" for three weeks or so. All the same symptoms as described here.


Also I think that "reinstalling the app" isn't really a fix, it's just a workaround for an issue in Spotify. Which does not work luckly. 🙂


I got to vouch for this thing, I'm using spotify v. on Mac os X El Capitan. It really bothers me. After an ad, it usually freezes and after a couple of hours, the playbar freezes itself too. 


I've tried re-installing a couple times and it clearly doesn't work. Also, restarting spotify only leads to another freezes after several songs. 😞


It happens when an add arrives, in all free accounts, as everyone I asked have the problem.


Hey folks! 


Thanks for your updates with this. We're still investigating this further with our tech teams backstage.


Just to check, when the album artwork freezes do you lose the ability to use the Now playing bar? Also, does restarting your router help at all?


Let us know how you get on 🙂