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Preview Picture wont update


as soon as I restart spotify this bug is fixed but after some time it's coming again.

This section here:

Stops working after some played tracks.

That means it could happen that it's the artist from a advertisement, the picture from a track 5 songs ago and the title is correct.


Got this bug since the newest version.



Hey Jim!


Thanks for replying. For me, when the album artwork is freezed, after several song, the now playing bar also freezes itself. So yes, I can't use the bar at all and have to restart the apps.


I've restarted my router and also reinstalling the spotify and it doesn't help at all. 




Windows 10, latest spotify Fresh uninstall and install, and the same problem after an ad.


It can not be router related, as it happens on my work and home network.


As the issue is always reproducible on a non-premium account, it is happening right now. I have created a GIF which shows the issue in real life:


Hope this helps.


It is not router because it happens to me at work using Mac Os and at home using Windows


the now playing bar normally works in terms of jumping to different minutes of the song but the play button is frozen (although it actually works when you click on it, it just doesn't change the icon)


Hey everyone,


Our tech team are still looking into this. Thanks for the extra info in the meantime. We'll pass this onto the team whilst they investigate, and let you know as soon as we have any info. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon! 🙂





Hello everyone!


We appreciate your patience.


Our tech folks are still looking into this.


We hope to have a fix soon.





Hi, I'm with the same problem.
S.O.: Windows 10 Pro
Spotify Version:

The preview "frozen" after an ad and don't update more. I restart the app and solves, but only for some moments. I did all that the posts above said and nothing fix the bug.

Sorry for the english, I'm brazilian xD


For me the progress bar of the song also gets stuck in the last ad it played, so the music keeps going on to the next one as usual, but the progress bar is full green with "0:30" information in the left and right of the progress bar.


Hey folks.


Thanks for bearing with us with this. We've seen multiple threads relating to this issue on the Community and will be closing this thread soon.


For more tips, news and updates relating to this issue please check here. We'll be passing on all feedback to the tech teams.




Status changed to: Closed