Progress bar issue with Spotify Connect on Android






Samsung S20+

Operating System

OneUI 3.1 (Android 11)

My Question or Issue
Since the last update the progress bar (in "Now Playing") no longer moves and the display of the currently playing song is no longer updated - at least when I stream to my Sonos via Spotify Connect or using Chromecast.
I already cleaned the cache and reinstalled the Spotify app.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to on of the latest versions - 8.6.20 and 8.6.22.


If you're still having trouble, post below or even better, best to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Same issue here, I'm on Android 10, Samsung galaxy A71 as remote on PS4. Latest app updates on ps4 and my android device. Is there a way I can rollback the update pending a fix?


I have the same issue casting to my Sonos system.


The song playing on the Sonos becomes out of sync with what is displayed on my Android phone.


My partner has an iPhone and never has the issue.


I previously had an older android, but now have the latest Android software on a new phone and still get the same issue.


I have changed my battery settings to ensure Spotify does not sleep.


Please help Spotify!

Music Fan

I have the same problem exactly since the last Spotify update for Android, so it is CLEARLY related to it!

I restarted my phone and reset the WiFi router, but that is all I gonna do Spotify! Just in case you want us all to report our hardware and reinstall the app and all our huge libraries again: just try it yourself with Google Cast devices!

It would be very sympathetic and human just once to admit an error from your side and keep us informed when you will release an update to fix this 👍




same issue

Moto g8, Android 10



Same issue

OnePlus 8T Android 11

Spotify version

Casual Listener

Same problem started for me on my Galaxy s10e today. I start playing a song from my phone that is synced with my PC, song plays but no play-controls in the phone app. It comes and goes, just now it popped back up. Very strange.

Casual Listener

device + OS version = Galaxy s10e, Android 11 patch level April 1 2021, One UI 3.1
exact Spotify version =

Plan: Premium

Country:  Argentina

Devices: Macbook Pro late 2016, Android Redmi 7

Operating Systems: MacOS 11.2, Android 10


My Question or Issue


There are a lot of problems, but the most notorious ones are:


1. Many times my Android phone is unable to switch between devices, it gets connected to my MacBook but then there is no option to go back to the phone and even if tapping to play a new song works there is no currently playing song indicator, no playlist, no notion of activity.


2. Even when both devices are seen and listed, often the current song view and advance indicators get stuck and show no advance, even if there is music playing. As a result of this, what is seen and what is listened get completely out of sync all the time. Sometimes not even restarting the app fixes this.


Please don't give me the following advice because I've already done this many times and have lost many hours of my life trying to get this working again:


a. I've cleanly uninstalled and reinstalled the Android app (yes, waiting two minutes with my phone off and other recommended voodoo). No Spotify related folder remained in Android/data after uninstalling.


b. I've cleanly uninstalled and reinstalled the MacOS app (yes, deleting every folder and file in Library and other locations).


c. I've logged in and out so many times now...


d. I've disconnected and reconnected my modem. Connection is fine.


e. Both devices are in the same network.


f. No battery optimization is set for the Spotify app in Android, neither the builtin optimization (doze, standby, whatever) nor the Xiaomi battery saver related one (and battery saver mode is off, anyway). In any case, this happens with the app running in foreground, even immediately after launching it.


My setup:


* MacBook Pro with Big Sur 11.2

* Xiaomi Redmi 7 with with Android 10 / MIUI 11.0.2

* Spotify premium account


AFAICS this is a serious bug in Spotify that has been happening for a while, and getting worse lately, and there are many related reports in Google Play. Just sort the list of reviews by date and take a look at dozens of recent 1/2 star ratings mentioning that it's not possible to reliably control the desktop app from the phone anymore. Most of those people are paying, you should test more before releasing and be more responsive fixing bugs that severely impair functionality for common use cases.



Same issue. 

device + OS version = Galaxy s10, Android 11 patch level April 1 2021, One UI 3.1
exact Spotify version =

Samsung Note 10+, window 10.

uninstalled both laptop & andriod versions. Reinstalled - logged in - spotify connect will not "sync" between devices (phone is not showing current status that laptop is). Also reset full network at home (reboot of wifi, router & firewall) - problem did not exist before latest app update on android (4.12).