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(Ps4) wont play all music

So I have been using Spotify on the ps4 for a while. I was listening to one of the playlists featured by Spotify with 100+ songs. The playlists ended quick 1-2 hours long so I assumed the songs were short. I tried a cpunity playlist with 700 songs and less than 100 of them played. I went to the Spotify website on the computer and realized the Spotify playlist with 100+ songs had a lot more songs than what was playing.

Is there a setting I need to change to play all the songs? Is this a premium feature?
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Hey @Itzrishi! Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.


Could you let us know the Spotify version you're running on your PlayStation? Also, let us know if it happens when using Connect as well.


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Spotify version:

Version 1.16.1-5fabbbb release-2.0.1-g620c200 HEADv1.23.128-g96c9g5b9

Ps4 App information:

Version 1.03


And I have also tried the connect feature as I read about it on a few other support threads. It did let me listen to more songs than before but, not all of the songs in the playlist.


Hey @Itzrishi, thanks for the info!


Review our troubleshooting tips for PlayStation here.


Let us know if they help 🙂


@Alejandro_C I have tried everything in the troubleshooting thread and none of it helped


No worries, thanks for giving that a try.


Did you notice this ever since you started using the app on PS or did it start happening recently? Is there anything you think might have triggered the behaviour, like an update?


Keep us posted.


@Laura to be honest I recently started listening to Spotify on the ps4 app. Never used Spotify before. And it was happening since I first started using the app. I realized the entire playlist wasn't playing when I was at work and my phone played songs from the exact same playlists I have never heard before. 



Hey @Itzrishi,


Thanks for your reply!


Could you send us the Spotify URI of this specific playlist? Just right-click the track from your phone or PC > Copy Spotify URI. Also, let us know the country where you are located.


Our best,



This is the first playlist I listen to (Spotify made or sponsored)


This is the current playlist I am listening to


I am from Canada. Hopefully the songs are not region locked.


Thanks for replying! 


Everything seems to be okay with the playlists you've submitted. Does it help if you restart the internet connection or use a different one to listen to these playlists on your PS4?


Let us know how that goes.


@Alejandro_C I have tried resetting my modem. I have also gotten a new modem from my ISP. None of this worked. I cannot try a different internet service because I don't have time to take my ps4 to a different location like a friends house. I also am not planning on changing my ISP to see if it solves the issue because there are 2 main ISPs in my location and the other ISP does not offer the speed I need.