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Queue changes after switching device with Spotify Connect




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If I'm listening to a playlist on one device, then switch to another device using connect, the queue on the new device is the entire shuffled playlist. Expected is it would carry the queue over to the new device so songs I already listened to on the first device aren't being repeated. Seems to be happening across all 3 of my devices, regardless of which device it's switching from/to.

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Our tech team has confirmed this issue has been fixed. Could you make sure you're using the latest version of the app and if the issue is not fixed yet on your end start a new discussion in the relevant Help Board?



I looked at it this morning, before switching, the old and new devices have the same queue. But, on switching, both queues are updated. Actually, queues on all devices are synchronised correctlly, but the queue is changed on device change.

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Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community! We'll be happy to lend you a hand with this 🙂


Can you make sure that you're on the latest version of the app? We'd also recommend going through a clean reinstall and check if this gives you a different result.


If the issue persists, it'd be great if you could provide us with some screenshots. This will help us understand more directly what's going on from your end.


Also - does this happen with specific playlists or regardless of what you listen to?


We'll have an eye open for your reply 🙂



Of course, just before changing device:


And just after.


The queue changes again when I go back to my computer.

Spotify desktop client and Android client (the one on Atmosphere) have been updated to the last version just today.

My desktop updates Spotify client from the Debian/Ubuntu repository and my phone updates from the Google Play Store.

I'm quite a power user on my desktop, if you need logs, I can provide, but not from Android, sorry.

My screenshots are not visible for me, I hope you see them…

Hi Xenia,


Still experiencing the queue change after following the steps you suggested.


I've noticed this happen with many different playlists. The one in the screenshot is 20 songs. If I switch devices halfway through listening to the playlist, the queue is shuffled and contains the full playlist again (19 songs in this case).


Let me know if there's any other info I can provide.



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thanks for your info and screenshots.


@user-removed, since Ubunto is not an officially supported platform we cannot guarantee that everything in the app will function properly.


Nevertheless, we suggest everyone affected by this try logging out everywhere. After that log back in on all of your devices. This should force a account wide server resync. If this doesn't change anything we'd ask you to try creating a test account with another email or Facebook and check whether the other account behaves the same way.


Let us know how it goes.

It doesn't just happen with Ubuntu, I can replicate this on my iPad.
Find any Spotify playlist and press play/shuffle, look at the queue, change ‘listening on’ from iPad to a Connect device, queue order changes.
Switch back and forth between Connect and iPad and the queue will reshuffle the entire playlist each time.


I tried logging out everywhere/logging back in, and also tried with a new account, but still getting the same result.


Hey @emily825 and @rich8t7,


Thanks for the troubleshooting you've done so far.


Could you share the make, model and OS version of two officially supported devices you can replicate the issue with? It would also help us a lot if you include the Spotify app version on the respective device.


@rich8t7 we'd appreciate it if you also try it out with another account as @Alex suggested and let us know if you observe the same behavior there.


Keep us posted. We’ll keep an eye out for your reply.

OK, Ubuntu is not a supported platform, but what about Windows and Android?
If I have the same problem on Android and Windows, I can think that the problem IS NOT about Ubuntu. What is THE **bleep**ING PROBLEM with Ubuntu?