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If I'm listening to a playlist on one device, then switch to another device using connect, the queue on the new device is the entire shuffled playlist. Expected is it would carry the queue over to the new device so songs I already listened to on the first device aren't being repeated. Seems to be happening across all 3 of my devices, regardless of which device it's switching from/to.

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Our tech team has confirmed this issue has been fixed. Could you make sure you're using the latest version of the app and if the issue is not fixed yet on your end start a new discussion in the relevant Help Board?




I'm on a OnePlus 6t (OxygenOS with the latest Spotify (

Same as @emmasaberhagen, I'm using a preconfigured playlist. Even tried it with just three songs. No problems when playing from my phone but as soon as I send it to a device (in my case Alexa) it's as if Enhance is turned on. I've tried turning Enhance on and off but no change.


Just noticed now that even if the playlist starts directly from Alexa it behaves the same.

I switch back to just my phone and all of the extra songs are gone.


It's just like a forced Enhance for external devices or something.


Is the fact that "repeat all" doesn't repeat albums any more but apparently all songs by that artist a bug or intended change?


(I'm posting that here because your bug management situation here is so incredibly poor. I have things to do other than digging through nonsense for an hour before I can actually find something or write something. Also, the font size for this suddenly got huge and I don't know how it'll actually be rendered. Top team of engineers and UX people that you seem to have there... 👍)


Hey folks,


Great news! This should now be fixed 🙂


Can you please check if the issue is still present for your after updating the app to the latest available version.


Looking forward to your replies.


@Alex  Thanks for the update - just tested now and it seems to be working! Honestly can't believe it took quite this long but very happy that it's been fixed, thanks!


@Alex I just tested this again and it's working. Thank you! 😊


@Alex I'm afraid it appears only half-fixed for me (on both Android v8.7.36.905 and Windows v1.1.86.857.g3751ee08).

When listening to a shuffled playlist, if I change to a remote device (Sonos soundbar), the queue order remains the same, but when changing back to the local device, the queue is always re-shuffled.

I've switched several times on both, and it happened every time.

I have exactly the same

This issue happens to me all the time when switching Sonos speaker via the Spotify android app. Super annoying to lose the ordered queue that I've created.


@Alex Don't know why I still have this issue, using it with several Spotify connect devices in shuffle mode, changing devices recreates the queue without keeping the history in place. Android 11.



I stumbled upon a work around, of sorts. Completely through experimenting...


I had a queue on my android phone that I was listening to when I went grocery shopping; several albums queued up to play in order. I had a specific artist on play 'behind' that, meaning that would start back up once the queue completed. When I got home, I wanted to keep listening to the queue.


I've had this problem discussed by everyone here for so long, I knew that if I just transferred to my desktop it might wipe my queue. When I logged in, and opened up Spotify on my desktop (Windows 10 Pro) I gave it a moment to show the current song playing. It's not uncommon when I open an instance of Spotify on a device that whatever was playing on that device last is what pops up to play on it again, but waiting a moment for it to sync with the currently playing device will at least switch the new instance to the current playing item.


So, I checked the queue on my desktop once it showed the currently playing song and the devices list showed properly that I was "Listening on <phone>". The queue showed 3 items: a song by the artist I had behind my queue and then next 2 items in my current queue on my phone, then it showed it would 'return' to the artist. 


Needless to say, I was frustrated. I didn't want to have to take the time to recreate the queue, again, again (meaning on previous occasions I have). So, I tried:


 - turn off Spotify on desktop and restart it.

 - turn off desktop and restart it.

 - check on my tablet, android, but saw the same as on the desktop.

 - connect to different bands of my WiFi; all of them, 2.4, 5.1, and 5.2

 - and I think a few other things, some having to do with changing repeat and shuffle, that I can't recall and are irrelevant at this point.




I decided I was willing to sacrifice the currently playing _song_ and, on my phone, started my entire Liked Songs list playing and then clicked forward to the next song. Now, I would have expected it to go the the next song in the queue on my phone before I made the switch but instead it went to the last song I had liked while listening to music at the grocery store. Ok, no big deal, but I immediately checked the queue. My original queue was intact!!! BEHIND the songs I had liked since setting up the queue in the first place. Still on my phone, I skipped forward until I was back on my original queue (only 2 more songs). Then I started Spotify up on my desktop. It showed the song I was listening to on my phone. Good start. It showed "Listening on <phone>". Still good. I checked the queue and there was my queue!!! yay!!! ok, it too, had liked songs from the grocery store trip I mentioned, but it's looking promising. Still cautious, I check my tablet. I restart Spotify and my tablet shows up in the device list. The queue is just and only the queue on my phone. So, first, I switch to my tablet, since the queue matches the phone, but I decided to do the switch from the desktop.... just some intuition, probably not necessary. It switched without a problem and retained the queue. Ok, looking better. I switched to the desktop, again from the desktop, and it starts playing the currently playing song, taking over from the tablet. The queue on the desktop still shows that one extra song. A liked song as described above, and then the current song after it, then the rest of the queue. That extra occurrence of the current song is on both the tablet and the phone, and I honestly don't remember if it was on there twice to start with or not. it's the last song of that album. I'm very optimistic at this point, but still want to see what happens when Spotify progresses to the next song. It goes to that extra liked song--HALF WAY THROUGH!! So, I manually adjusted how much time was left in that song to near the end. The last 6 seconds play, and the extra occurrence of the current song starts, 1:31 into the song!!! wth?!? Again, I manually adjusted to near the end of the song, to let it end and see what Spotify does. The last 5 seconds play, and, 




I didn't lose it. I didn't have to rebuild it. Yeah, I invested more time with all of this, and even more documenting it for everyone here, but I think the key to the work around is to, on the original device that you don't want to lose the queue from, change what is set to play after the queue ends. You know, the default, by like selecting another artist or album or playlist or as I did, your whole liked song list. you may have to skip a song or two, but if it preserves the next 77 in the queue, like it did for me, it's worth it.


And, Spotify, all of this detail was more for your benefit, to fix this issue, than for your users. It's a work around until the syncing doesn't require both instances be running, on the same network, and a 'switch' to the what's playing propagates the full state of the active player to the other devices.


Peace out.




ps. kinda like TLDR; too long, didn't edit. So, please forgive grammar and typo errors.