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Queue disappears after closing the desktop app

We're receiving reports that this issue is also affecting desktop users and queued tracks are being removed after restarting the app on Windows and Mac.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




So for the past few days, I've been having an issue with my desktop app.


I opened it to see the app had reset, annoying, but happens every now and then so no big deal. Then I closed it when a round of ads started; since I was about to stop listening anyway. I came back later in the day to see the app had reset again, my previous song was gone (play bar was blank/greyed out), and the whole playlist was canceled. This kept happening.


Some later investigating showed me that I could start a playlist and close the app in the middle of a song. Upon reopening, the app remembers the song playing, the time it left off, and even the playlist it was playing from. However, once the song ends, the same problem as before occurs.


Never had a major problem with Spotify like this before (aside from the occasional unwanted device sync and app reset) and this is really starting to annoy me.


What I've tried to fix it:

1. Clearing cache in app and closing then reopening

2. The above but with a PC restart in between

3. Standard uninstall and reinstall from both the windows store and the website download

4. The above with a PC restart

5. The often recommended "clean" reinstall of the app again from both the windows store and the website download

6. Going as far as to clean reinstall alongside running my AVG and C-cleaner to make sure all the old Spotify files had been deleted.


Nothing has worked.


Further info that might help?

-This started the day after I changed the in-app setting so that Spotify doesn't automatically run minimized when starting my PC. (I thought it would help me reduce the times of unwanted syncing with the music on my phone).

- Spotify across my other devices is working fine. I even went as far as replicating the process just above on a laptop, but the app works as it should there and doesn't replicate the problem my desktop is having at all.


If anyone can help it would be appreciated.


I have the same problem on my laptop too. I have tried re-installing the Spotify app but it still happens.

I have this problem too

The same thing happens but on the Spotify app on my phone.


I have been having the same issue on my laptop(Windows 10). I have also done all the same troubleshooting things and the same thing keeps happening. But my phone which is not in the same queue as my laptop doesn't reset and stays how it was(ios 16.1.2). I have reinstalled the app 4 times and having the same issues. I even tried to see if the Microsoft store and the online downloader could have a different effect but both installs have the same issue as you stated. 


Started happening to me on my phone as well this this point I don't even wanna turn on my laptop. Just expecting it to happen there too


I am having this issue as well.  Desktop app windows 10 PC.  Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify.  Is this a flaw with the latest update?


Started happening on my phone like a week ago didn’t think anything of it but it’s starting to get irritating 


new bug alert  , the windows version now has the same problem.

here the video for proof 

i will be cancelling my Spotify membership cause I think you guys don't really care for us.


wow i have had the issue, i think this is a bug. we might have to wait until there is a new update or something.