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Queue disappears and screen goes blank after closing the app on mobile

We're aware of the following issues on mobile devices, when the app is closed while the Shuffle button is on:


 - The queued tracks are disappearing

 - The song screen goes blank

 - The play button is unresponsive

Hey folks,

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for mobile users. Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


For anyone still experiencing this issue in the desktop app, rest assured, we are working on resolving it there as well. In the meantime, please share your OS version and Spotify version in this thread.




Free account, Desktop app, Dell laptop, Windows 10

Today's update has caused the desktop app to forget the song queue upon restarting the app. Upon restart, only the song that I stopped on is in the queue and everything else that had been in the queue from my main playlist on shuffle is gone. When that lone song finishes playing, I'm notified to "add songs to the queue" even though there had been a long list of songs in the queue before restart.

This is only affecting the desktop app. I can close and restart the browser player (on Firefox) and it will remember my songs and continue playing the queue, picking up where I left off as usual.

In order to continue playing songs on the desktop app, I have to click the play button on my playlist, which will populate the queue ... an entirely new queue with different songs thanks to my preferred use of shuffling.


For the record, I tried uninstalling the desktop app and reinstalling it. This worked to have the app remember my songs in the queue until once again I updated the app as prompted by the blue dot. Then the problem started happening again. This is how I know the update is the culprit. (The uninstalling and reinstalling of the desktop app also lost 20 songs off my main playlist, and who knows how many off the other one, but that's another issue.)





Operating System

Windows 11


Spotify for Windows

I have the same problem too with my desktop app. Pretty sure this happened after the update so I hope someone can help us out. All other songs in the queue will be gone after restarting the app. The last song I played is still on it though but no other song will follow after that.







Pixel 6

Operating System

Android 13


My Question or Issue

Since the recent update, if I listen to any playlist in my car, it starts fine. I get out of my car and back in, music starts where it left off, finishes song, then stops. It's as if my playlist is done--it isn't. I press play on the app, and it's just frozen. Can't choose a song, can't shuffle, can play. I have logged out of the app, uninstalled, restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, and it works fine, then the problem happens again. It's not the Bluetooth or my phone, it's all in the app--I have no control over the playlist and it just freezes. 


After having the shuffle issue where the playlist would play the same **bleep** 5 songs over and over, I thought it couldn't get worse. Now it has. I'm ready to toss this garbage app.







The Netherlands



iPhone 11


Operating System

iOS 16.2


My Question or Issue

When I close Spotify my entire queue is deleted. So when i reopen Spotify I can play the song I was listening to before closing, but then I need to play a new playlist. 


Spotify will play a song and then crash after the song is finished. I open the app and when I hit play nothing happens. It says it is playing but the song doesn’t show up on the bottom. I have to close and open the app more than once for the next song to finally show up. 




I am having the same problem, but on Android and only in the car (android auto and car thing). Also started happening yesterday. 


I also have this if I open the app after having closed it, the next song will get stuck. It will say it's playing but it's not. I'm also android. 


I literally have the same problem. I did everything you did twice and also have a pixel (4a). When I close the app and open it again later, the next song will not play and it just gets stuck. 


I’m having same issue and I’m on iOS and sometimes it j won’t let me play another song unless I click on different playlist which will only play 1 song then I have to click on another one 


I am experiencing the same problems with my pixel 7 pro. Restarting the app helps but now that it's freezing and I'm on a bike I don't want to grab my phone.