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Queue disappears and screen goes blank after closing the app on mobile

We're aware of the following issues on mobile devices, when the app is closed while the Shuffle button is on:


 - The queued tracks are disappearing

 - The song screen goes blank

 - The play button is unresponsive

Hey folks,

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for mobile users. Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


For anyone still experiencing this issue in the desktop app, rest assured, we are working on resolving it there as well. In the meantime, please share your OS version and Spotify version in this thread.




I'm seeing the exact same thing on Android. Queue has been buggy for a long time, but now it's simply broken. This is very frustrating. The queue works on Apple music and YouTube music. Why can't Spotify get it right?


Spotify has been recently glitching for me whenever I restart the application or try to play a different playlist and play the green play button it does not play, I have to click on one of the songs for it to work. I will put a video that it demonstrates what’s happening with my spotify. Hopefully someone can help me or get the bug fixed, I have everything updated, my phone and spotify. I have an Iphone 12.


I'll be putting two links which are the same video in case one doesn't work or to help view it properly.




All the songs from Next Up will be gone after closing the app. I have tried manually adding songs to the queue and a different thing happens. I don't think I can explain it well so I have attached a recording here. Included is what happens to the queue when just playing from a playlist, and then if I added songs manually.

Link to the video. 


I am also experiencing this issue with my Galaxy S22 with everything up to date. It's a very annoying issue that has been occurring since the app updated yesterday. The queue was working just fine before the update, so what broke it? Test the dang thing before you release it! It's not that hard. 


yes I have been having the exact same problem as SandroQC, except I'm using a Samsung S20 FE. So I think this must be an issue with the new update for Android devices







Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Operating System

Android version 12


My Question or Issue

If I play one of my playlists then close the app and return to the app, only the song that was previously playing will play while the app will not continue to play the rest of my playlist (as if my next queue was cleared).  When the song that was previously playing is over, the status bar timer will either stop or continue despite having reached the end of the song. The image I provided is what it shows in my queue after I return to the app after closing it. It is a really inconvenient issue especially if the next few songs that were going to play I really wanted to listen to. 




Thank you @tw221 for posting that video. This shows exactly what is going on not only on Windows desktop but also on iOS. Spotify seems to have gone very quiet on this….. I wonder why?


Just checked on my Android device and the problem occurs there too. My Spotify version on Android is


More info about the problem is that it seems to only affect playlists, both on the ones made by users and by Spotify, which was mentioned earlier already. I have tried playing from my Liked Songs, or directly from albums or an artist's page and the queue is still there when I restart the app. 


I'm also having the same problem on desktop and Android. Close app halfway through a song, and then when I come back later and resume playback, the song finishes and then hangs indefinitely until closing the app and re-opening it again.