Queue not working correctly when adding songs (iOS)






IPhone 6s

Operating System

IOS 11.4.1

Spotify Version

8.4.six nine.787 

My Question or Issue

 As the subject says, the queue isn't working correctly.  If I pick a song on a play list, then open the queue and drag a song to the next position, then skip to that song, it plays.  But when I open the queue again, it shows the first song as still playing when it's not, and when I try dragging different songs around, it acts like it hasn't been modified at all when it has.


Basically, it's like the queue doesn't update after moving one song.  Which is a huge pain.


And before you ask, yes I restarted my phone.  And yes I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify.  So no, that won't fix it.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all your reports and patience. 


This should be fixed in the latest version of the app.


If the issue persists for you, please make sure to reinstall the app on your devices by following the steps here.



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Hey @yungcoffee@grazamataz@ricardorubio0@Cpirish,


Try it with the latest version of Spotify and please update to iOS 12.0.1




I have the latest version of Spotify running on iOS 12.0.1 and the problem still exists.  I reinstalled an hour ago, same issue.  Customizing the next few songs I hear next within one of my playlists is literally the reason I pay for Spotify.  For the last 6 weeks or so there's been very little value to me.


I am having the same issue and have tried uninstalling and restarting and installing again etc...


spotify version:

iOS: 12.0

iPhone 7 Plus and on my work phone also which is 8 plus




I'm having the same problem. When I add to queue, it adds them, but then will play them not in the order I rearrange them, but by artist or the order I added them in. 


Update: 8.4.74

IOS: 12.0.1 

Device: iPhone 7

Plan: Premium


 This problem has been existant for well over a month. It's such a shame that it is still listed as "under investigation" and no progress has been seen. As someone who pays monthly for a streaming service who boasts about the ability to listen to any song at any time, it's been more than frustrating that I have not been able to do precisely what I am paying for.


I have also been having this issue for the past month. It is absolutely ridiculous that the Queue functionality of a music app does not function as intended and the only updates we, as paying customers, are getting is "we're looking into it." This is one of the most important features of the app and I am appalled that this issue has been allowed to persist for this long.


Device: iPhone X

iOS: 12.0.1


Music Fan

It’s been 2+ months since I raised this issue (in a separate thread), and so is now getting excruciating. Still occurring on


What‘s the ETA on this?


iPhone 6S

OS: 12.0.1 

Plan: Premium

Casual Listener

Hi @Katerina,


Was out of town this weekend and did not have the chance to respond, but I can confirm this is still occurring on Spotify version 8.4.74 (as well as, the version of the app I have currently installed).


@Katerina wrote:

Hey @sonnyd64@Cpirish and @grazamataz,


There's a newer version of the app available now (8.4.74). Could you double check the version you're rocking and let us know if the issue persists? We'll make sure to pass this on to the right teams.


We really appreciate your patience, our tech folks are working on this.


Recently updated to iOS 12.0.1 from iOS 11 and the problem started. I’ve tried to reboot and reinstall the app but it didn’t work.


iPhone 6s Plus

Spotify Ver: