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Radio Repeating Songs

Status: Closed

Device: All


Operating System Version: N/A


Spotify Version: Latest


Description: Radio replays songs after limited listening time. 


To reproduce:

  1. Put on a raido station
  2. Listen
  3. ...


 I don't know.


Additional information:

I've seen posts from several years back about the radio variety being weak. At first I thought maybe it was just because I listened to several stations quite a bit, but it doesn't even delve into the full music library of the artist whom I base the station on. I'm apparently not the only one who has this issue. I'll have songs repeat in almost exact order with one or two extra songs in between. On the PC there's seemingly no answer. I've thumbs-down(ed) songs only to have them play again, but I thumbs up songs by an artist and it doesn't really seem to have any effect. I put on Stephen Lynch radio yesterday and it started repeating songs while I know I haven't heard that many of his songs, yet.


The answer I've seen in multiple posts is "we're aware of this issue and we're currently working to fix it." I don't think there's an issue, I think this is a concentrated effort at saving money on the radio function by limiting how many songs are played on a station. It bugs me as a premium member that you use cost-cutting techniques that limit my experience. 


This isn't really so much of an issue as a complaint. I will be looking into other streaming services as I use the radio function quite a bit. Personally, I would pay an extra $2 a month if it meant the radio function was free to function without limitation. 


Status changed to: Closed

Hey @Diamondback424


We appreciate your feedback. We're always working to improve Spotify and we'll make sure to pass this on to the team in charge of the Radio feature.



Status changed to: Closed
Same comment. Same songs for the same artist. Just the big songs for each of the similar artists. I'm switching to Google.
It fooled me for a bit. But basically, yes your radio feature isn't even as good as a genre shuffle on my mac. Why would I pay for a service which isn't actually giving me anything close to music being picked for me and varied?

Yeah I don't think Spotify plans on improving their radio function any time soon. They always give "meh" responses when people ask about it. I'm probably switching to Google Music as well. Spotify would be my second choice, though. If I find GM isn't cutting it, I would probably end up switching back to Spotify.