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Radio hub and Playlist Radio aren't working properly







iPhoneXR, Windows Desktop

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iOS 13.1.2, Windows 10


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Since Daily Mix has disappeared I tried just searching for a specific artist/song that i want to listen to the song/artist radio so I can get other music based on that song/artist.  On my desktop, when I select song radio it does nothing - it's as if I never clicked on it.  On my iPhone it either sits there with the dots like it's thinking about starting and then comes up with the error, "Sorry, something went wrong! Please try another station," or it says "cannot play station" as soon as I click on the go to radio button.  Frustrating because I like having the option of music that I may not have heard before related to songs/artists I listen to!

Hey folks,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.

We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.

Thanks again!









Personal Built PC


Operating System

Windows 10


I already tried closing Spotify completely and opening it up, restarting my PC, and uninstalling and reinstalling the program to fix something so tedious. It doesn't say it's unavailable but it doesn't want to prompt. It was working until I had to turn off my PC to clean my desk area earlier. 



Hey! Some changes were made a few months back regarding the way Spotify's radio functions, so checking out this thread may be able to answer some of your questions.


Thanks for reading! If this worked for you, please mark this as the solution, this way others will be able to find the answers to their problems in the future! 🙂

Not working for me either, even on my phone. Something must be down on their end.


Not working for me either, tried on Windows laptop and Android / Galaxy S10.  The "made for you" daily mixes aren't showing up either.  Sucks--hopefully they do more testing next time so it doesn't break.  


Same issue started happening today. I cannot start radio on ANY of my devices including Mac desktop app, spotify web player, or android app. 


I've tried restarting devices, fresh install including deleting cache... nothing. Something is seriously wrong on Spotify's side as this issue shouldn't be present across every device if it was a local issue.

shot in the dark but this seems to have magically fixed it for me so give it a try..
1. Make sure auto-play is on
2. Play the last song in one of your playlists and let it complete
3. Let it start playing another random "radio" song after the playlist is finished
4. ???

Dunno if that's what actually fixed it but I tried every recommended step with no luck, then it started working after that.
Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks,


We’re receiving reports that users are unable to access the Radio section in the app or any Playlist radio.


(Note that this does not concern the Daily Mix issue - there's a separate Ongoing Issue thread for that here.)


First, we'd recommend trying a clean reinstall of the app on your device by following the steps here and making sure you're on the latest version of the app.


If after that you’re still experiencing the issue, could you provide us with the following info:

  • device + OS version
  • exact Spotify version?

Once we have enough examples, we will pass it on to the relevant team, who will look further into it.



Sorry, tried that. My radio still isn't working 🙁

Others can't load my radio either so it remains on the server side. 

Android 9

@Fensus Trying your suggestion. I'll let you know the result. I can load my song radio but not my artist radio

@Fensus nope. That part of the radio works. I just  can't load my own artist station