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Radio isn't working for specific artist

Status: Not An Issue

Tested with both Windows 7 using google chrome and Android galaxy s3.



To reproduce:

  1. Go to artist "evanoff"
  2. Click the "..." button to the right of play, select "start radio"
  3. Error appears, never works. Every single song I've tested from this artist doesn't work while every song that isn't seems to work fine. I had a friend attempt to play this radio and it will not work for him either.

There is no work around that I know of, I tried creating a custom playlist and playing its radio, it seems to pretend evanoff's songs do not exist as part of the playlist and the radio won't work unless there's songs that aren't evanoff's.


Additional information:


Maybe the artist has it blocked intentionally? I don't know if that's a thing but if that is the case it's very unclear and just makes the whole site seem broken and badly coded because of the way it kicks you out of the radio page and freezes up, you can't click certain links and need to refresh the page.

You can play Evanoff's music with the normal player but the radio feature doesn't work with any of their songs.

Update: Also the artist called "JJ Evanoff" has the same exact issue. 



We're setting this as "Not an issue" because we've taken a closer look and see there are no related artists for this Radio Station you're trying to listen to. We'll make sure to pass your comments on to the right team.


Let us know if you have any other questions.


Keep on dancing 🙂


There's definitely some problem here. Posting in the hope that it helps to identify the cause.


Trying it on Win 7, 64 bit in the UK.


1. In Chrome - clicked on @Fuglypump's link and got Error 404: Not Found - Sorry, but the page you requested does not exist


2. Tried in Desktop. Got This radio station cannot be started. Please try with something else.


3. When I looked at the Artist page for Evanoff I noted that Related Artists is missing.


A problem with the coding...? Artist ID typo? Over to an expert.


On edit: can confirm that singles work just fine.

Status changed to: Not An Issue

Hey there! 

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. 

Can you send us a screenshot of the error message you're getting? We'd like to take a closer look.

Keep us posted.


@gnovella16 - Hi


I would be happy to send screenshots but I'm still trying to find info on how to do that. My searches haven't been very productive. 🙂


Can you help please?


Before clicking "start radio",Before clicking "start radio",immediately after clicking "start radio"immediately after clicking "start radio"


@Fuglypump - Hi


Sorry - I thought @gnovella16 was asking for shots of the errors I was getting. Just trying to help, and I still don't know how you did the screenshots. 🙂


@saved I pressed print screen and then pasted into paint lol

We're getting the same error so it doesn't matter who screenshots it. =P Also I didn't notice the related artists was blank until you pointed that out which is definitely part of the issue.




I got as far as pasting it into Paint already. I just don't know what format to save it in. 🙂 Is png OK?


Error 404 in ChromeError 404 in ChromeRadio Station cannot be started in DesktopRadio Station cannot be started in Desktop




Done it! Learned something new - that can't be bad.


My screenshots are not the same as yours, so I hope they were worth posting.


BTW - I was a bit reluctant to play Evanoff as I had never heard the name. It's not my usual kind of music but I have to say I like what I heard and will play again sometimes.


Thanks for introducing me to a new artist. 🙂


@saved Yay learning! Yeah I really like this artist's nonvocal music, I'd probably like all of it but it's hard to enjoy the vocals when you don't understand them. I'm really bummed out that I can't use the radio to explore and find similar artists.

@gnovella16 we've got your screenshots, hopefully now we can come to a solution to the issue. 🙂




I've just noticed something. Can you edit your original message?


The brackets at the end of your links are included in the links. I think that's why I got the Error 404 in Chrome when I followed your link.