Radio not loading more songs when using Spotify Connect

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 6 and a Yamaha RX-V481 AV-Receiver which supports Spotify Connect. I am living in Germany and got Spotify Premium from the german "Telekom"

Normal Music streaming over it works fine but once I try to listen to a Radio, it plays the few songs loaded when you start the Radio, but does not load more songs while playing (Screenshot 1). That leads to it stopping playing once it played the last song in the initial list (Screenshot 2). The behavior can be compared with the behavior of a normal playlist without shuffle and without repeat mode.
Once I turn Connect off and listen to the Radio on my phone, the Radio works like it should.
I also noticed that in the "now playing" view it does not show the radio station it currently plays when listening over Connect (Screenshot 3). While listening on the phone it does. I don't know if those issues are related.

I already tried updating the Firmware of the AV-Receiver and reinstalled the Spotify App without success. When using Spotify on Windows 10 it is the same. I never tried it with an other AV-Receiver or something like that because I don't have another one, but when I start an Radio on my computer and switch to my phone from there the Radio works fine, but I guess that cannot be compared as the phone can run Spotify on its own.

For me it loks like a problem with Spotify, so I tried it here first, but if it isn't, I can also try to contact the Yamaha support!

Hey folks!


We've researched this quite a bit, and it seems users experience this if they're using a very old firmware on their speakers.


We'd recommend updating your device's firmware to the most up-to-date version, and giving things another shot.


Thanks for your patience while we confirmed this on our end.

Yes, here the same:

playing RADIO on my iPhone or Android there is no problem, but when I cast it to my Yamaha amp RADIO stops after 15 songs & no new songs are added

I am able to reproduce by going to Bad Suns artist radio station and casting to my chromecast. After 15 songs, the station just stops.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @robinvelderman!


Could you let us know the device and operating system this is happening on? Also, let us know how do you usually start the Station? I.e. was it started with an artist? If so, what artist?


Keep us posted.


I tried the same procedure with a Chromecast audio instead of the Rocki. The Chromecast doesn't stop, but repeats the initial playlist without adding new tracks. The Rocki just stopped at the end of the playlist.


Same problem here casting from an Android Amazon Fire to a Chromecast. Please, solve this issue as it makes radio feature useless

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey guys!


Thanks for all your info, and for your patience.


We've got our best tech folks on the case. It'd be really helpful if everyone who's having trouble could let us know the following info:



Connect device:

Exact operating system version:

Exact Spotify version:

How you're starting Radio:


Thanks! The more up-to-date info we have, the better 🙂


Good to know a solutions is on it's way!


Device: Huawei P9 Lite / Acer E5-521 laptop (same result on both devices)

Connect device: Chromecast Audio / Rocki (Chromecast loops the same radio playlist over and over, Rocki just stops at the end of the initial radio playlist)

Exact operating system version: Android 6.0 / Windows 10 (phone / laptop)

Exact Spotify version: armV7 / (phone / laptop)

How you're starting Radio: Go to "Radio", hover over one of the suggested radio stations and click the play button


This happens on the Spotify desktop client ( which I use on Windows 10 Pro with all the latest updates. When I install an earlier version of the client, i.e., the Radio works like it should. It keeps playing new songs until you stop it. Unfortunately the Spotify client can’t stay on the older version, because after a restart it is forced to update to the current build.

It doesn’t make a difference how I start the Radio, the problem is always there: a static playlist of 15 songs is created and that’s it. If I start from a song, an artist or a playlist, the result is always the same. And very annoying, because it always worked beautifully. This really could be a reason to end my subscription.


When I start a radio on my Lumia 950 XL with the Windows 10 Mobile app from Spotify the problem doesn’t appear. On Windows 10 Mobile Radio keeps spitting out new songs until you turn it off. I want that on my normal PC too. Please bring that back, because the functionality had been there until it was (probably purposely) removed.


I use a Huawei P8 Lite with android 6.0 (kernal 3.10.86-gf789287) and spotity arm v7.

I go to the menu and select radio, scrole down to Indie and press play. In the bottom of the screen i get the option to play to a connected device. I choose my chromecast (version one) and the end of the list it stops. When i first connect to my chromecast and than choose the radio it also stops at the end of the list. Also here no new song are added.

Please solve this issue fast. I like to start the radio and listen to it for the rest of the day. It's a nice feature of spotify without it or not working properly spotify would loose value for me.

Device: Amazon Fire (5th generation)

Connect device: Google Chromecast 2

Exact operating system version: Fire OS 5.1.4

Exact Spotify version:

How you're starting Radio: Open Spotify App, click on Radio, choose “POP”, then click on “Available Devices” and chosse “Chromecast"