Radio not loading more songs when using Spotify Connect

Status: Won't Fix
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 6 and a Yamaha RX-V481 AV-Receiver which supports Spotify Connect. I am living in Germany and got Spotify Premium from the german "Telekom"

Normal Music streaming over it works fine but once I try to listen to a Radio, it plays the few songs loaded when you start the Radio, but does not load more songs while playing (Screenshot 1). That leads to it stopping playing once it played the last song in the initial list (Screenshot 2). The behavior can be compared with the behavior of a normal playlist without shuffle and without repeat mode.
Once I turn Connect off and listen to the Radio on my phone, the Radio works like it should.
I also noticed that in the "now playing" view it does not show the radio station it currently plays when listening over Connect (Screenshot 3). While listening on the phone it does. I don't know if those issues are related.

I already tried updating the Firmware of the AV-Receiver and reinstalled the Spotify App without success. When using Spotify on Windows 10 it is the same. I never tried it with an other AV-Receiver or something like that because I don't have another one, but when I start an Radio on my computer and switch to my phone from there the Radio works fine, but I guess that cannot be compared as the phone can run Spotify on its own.

For me it loks like a problem with Spotify, so I tried it here first, but if it isn't, I can also try to contact the Yamaha support!

Hey folks!


We've researched this quite a bit, and it seems users experience this if they're using a very old firmware on their speakers.


We'd recommend updating your device's firmware to the most up-to-date version, and giving things another shot.


Thanks for your patience while we confirmed this on our end.


Hi there, I have the same problem: playing from my laptop (Windows 10), Spotify premium desktop version


When I start a radio station it populates the queue with about 25 songs, and when it gets to the end it will just stop. If I am in the "Radio" page and click the 'play' button on the station's icon, nothing happens. Sometimes I have to click around, start a different station and come back to the one that was playing and it will either start over the same list of songs or will populate a new list.


I'm confused by the title of this thread too, to say the radio has to "go into endless mode", as if that's not just how the radio feature is supposed to work. It's a pretty annoying issue, since I like to use the radio to listen to music while working for hours at a time, and I like to find new music rather than get the same list of songs again.


 just wanted to echo that I'm having the same issue on android when casting. The artist radio stops after 25 tracks, even when thumbing up/down songs in the station


I have the same issue: artist radio doesn't generate new songs when coming to the end of the list


Thanks for reporting this @mikeml


We've reported the issue to our tech folks and they are currently working on it. 


We'll keep everyone posted over here. 




I also have the same problem with edless radio and casting to my chromecast one.

The radio stops loading new track when i connect with my phone the the chromecast.

Reinstalling spotify didn't solve the issue.


Spotify version

Android version 6.0


Hey guys!


Could you let us know how did you start the Station? I.e. was it started with an artist? If so, what artist?


We'll take a closer look.


Hi Laura,


In the menu I selected radio and scrolled down. Here is a list of genre radio stations (Rock, r&b, indie, pop, ect.). I choose indie and pressed play radio. Then I cast it to my chromecast. We it reaches the end of the list it stops. It doesn't add new songs.



Hi Laura,


I did the exact same thing that Mark_A did, except I tried '60s and '70s. Artist radio's act in the same way (only when casting to my Rocki, not when playing on my computer or phone).




Spotify Radio is completely useless since it only plays 15 songs... With radio you'd expect a continous stream of music, but creating a station only produces a static 15 song playlist. I just wanna hit play in the morning and listen to music for the rest of the day... If this isn't fixed soon I'll end my Premium-subscription because Spotify Radio was the main reason to subscribe anyway.




Hey guys! 


Thanks for sending that info over.


If anyone else is experiencing the issue, could you let us know how did you start the Station? I.e. was it started with an artist? If so, what artist?


Also, could you guys let us know if it only happens when casting or using Connect with any other device? I.e. Roku, Chromecast. Just check if the same thing happens without using those devices.
Let us know how you get on.