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[Radio] "Hide this song" button 🚫 does not work





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Windows 10


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In the last update that I'm aware of, the icon for removing a song from a Radio changed. This was no issue but rather that clicking the new button that is now called "Hide this song" doesn't do anything. 
I'd like to ask one thing. Why change something that didn't need fixing? The previous button which was called "Remove song from radio" or something along those lines, worked perfectly fine and it helped tune a radio to the songs of a specific genre I was enjoying within the playlist I made the radio from.

It would just be nice to have something that worked. Like it already did.
I attached a gif of what I'm talking about


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.






I agree with you completely. I go back to your post from September 15, 2021. I am one of those that left for a service that shall not be named (in fact, two of them). I am not crazy about the playlist format and used the radio stations almost exclusively. Without the ability to ban or hide songs I do not like, there was no point to building a station. Removal of this feature is probably the single biggest thing that would "break" either of the competitors to which I now listen. The lack of communication from Spotify is mindboggling and the fact that they marked this as "fixed" when it clearly is not is equally puzzling. I would think the fact that this thread continues to have activity would be a clue for them.  I have been firmly onboard the "they don't care about us train" for quite some time. Unfortunately, Spotify has not done anything to try to derail that train that I can see.



to make matters worse, i think if you remove the song from the radio (the "-" sign that does nothing but you get the notification that the song will not be played anymore on that radio station), the song is played even more lol... 

i went on to remove the song from my playlists, haven’t come across it since, but sad story nonetheless as it is a song I really loved.


the issue is not with removing a song from a playlist, that works normally as it should...


the issue is removing a song from a random playing radio around your song, author, or your playlist...


when i create a radio, i get random song, and when spotify plays a song i dont like or i got sick of it bcs it was played a 100 times, when we press "-" button, it says that the song will not longer be played in this radio station, but IT IS PLAYED nevertheless....


its most annoying, bcs i mostly use Spotify for its radio function that i love


Not solved. 

Hide song button works. The song seems to be hidden but it PLAYSSSSS


Radio playlists are basically useless on desktop clients now, the button is simply gone.  I've resorted to only playing music on my phone, because that's the only place where the button exists.



i have moved on to youtube music which is free and works good... spotify dont listen to our complaints so why would i stay and support them