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Random podcast episodes appear followed and downloaded

We've received reports that random podcast episodes appear as followed and are automatically downloaded for some users.

Hey folks,

This should now be resolved! 🙂 
In case it isn't for you - try removing your cached data.

We're here for you in case anything else comes up. Cheers!

I opened Spotify just 15 minutes ago to a new section called your episodes (i don't know if its a new section or not but I've never seen it before as ive never used episodes before) and in this section for some reason I had a bunch of episodes saved and about half were downloaded, and they ranged from conspiracy theories to Frank Ocean unreleased (I think I've streamed a frank ocean song like twice in my life), point is I had never seen any of these before and I certainly didn't save them or download them. I can't show a photo because I unsaved all of them and it doesnt seem like I can show one here anyways. Is it a family plan thing or am I hacked?

i just had this happen to me too!! the exact same thing. same episodes and unreleased frank ocean song. it had crime documentaries just like yours. also yesterday my spotify randomly played a song called "because i love you" by tubby nugget. what the **bleep** is this? is spotify bugging or hacked ? i checked my devices and reset my password. me and you having the exact same podcasts added makes me think spotify in general is bugging. 


Same problem on desktop app random podcast episodes being download


I have the same


I have the same problem too, random podcasts most of them are crime documentaries... 


yes me too!! i was very worried at first, but seeing that all of us had this happen, i believe it may just be on spotify's end. i dont think any of us were hacked. but yes everyone be careful with your accounts!


This just happened to me too. What the **bleep**???


Can't use my phone anymore as it's running out of space. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise


This just happened to me too and I was really confused. 


Same exact podcasts happened to me. Glad it’s a common thing and not some random person hacking my phone 😅