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Re: Only the web player affects home hub shortcuts

Everything is enabled/allowed.


And that doesn’t explain why listening music on any of my desktop apps don’t affect the shortcut suggestions. Maybe that's because Recently Played music doesn't sync to the web player as well? So if web player doesn't see any listening history then it doesn't offer anything new in the shortcuts as well?


I did a video for you. Explanation to the video:

1. I start playing Your Time Capsule in my Mac's desktop app.

2. Then I open the web player where it shows Your Time Capsule in the Recently Played section

3. Then I switch back to the desktop app and close it

4. Then I switch back to the web player and refresh the page

5. And the Your Time Capsule is gone from the Recently Played section in the web player


Notice the other playlists in the Recently Played section. I listened to them in the web player and they synced to the desktop and mobile apps just fine.

So yeah, it seems to be that something is broken with history sync between platforms and that also affects the shortcut suggestions.

Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us and all your info.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks for your understanding!


Mine still doesn't it.


No wonder I have 1 playlist and 1 podcast stuck on my home hub for 4 months despite never playing it since then. I hardly use web player and did not think it was issue until I saw this post.




I've been having this issue since at least 2021-05-09, still happening. Ridiculous.


I'm still getting this as well. It's been months — ridiculous.


I have this problem too. It’s my third account and I really hoped it was solved by now. I first encountered it back in 2020.

Do we know why it’s happening? Do it affects only specific accounts? I wonder if this is problem on a bigger scale but people just don’t notice it? I just want to know why. 

It seems that it has gotten worse, everything is out of sync all of sudden and broken. Home Hub shows something completely different on each device.

1. Shortcuts have changed to just my playlists on mobile, no actual albums will show up.

2. Album covers are not changing on the desktop app as usual

3. There is absolutely no shortcuts showing on the web player is showing




Web Player




Spotify needs to give a visit to this issue because this really is getting frustrating and I'm thinking of switching to some other streaming service.


It actually worked exactly as intended a few weeks ago, but only a single day. One day!! The next day it already stopped again and the shortcuts only change if I use the web player. It's just lousy service from Spotify.


It seems that web player is not the only thing that updates the home hub.

If you case music onto your google chromecast or nest mini, the shortcuts actually change. I realised this when I got my nest mini a week ago and started casting music to it. So as of right now, the only two ways for the shortcuts to change are playing on web player and/or casting music onto smart speakers. I might as well add that casting music changes the shortcuts more frequently while web player takes longer.


I still have this issue, no iOS device will update the shortcuts. ( a blessing and a curse because I can effectively choose my own shortcuts that appear) but I'm getting tired of this issue and having to avoid using things that update the shortcuts becasue it will likely stay there for months.


List of things I have found that update shortcuts: (for me anyway)


Web Player

Spotify Connect

Android TV App

Xbox App


Surprisingly playing within the Sonos app will not update shortcuts.




Well, it has only been two years. We've still got time.