Re: Sharing a song (my friend's name is not X)

Status: Fixed

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Thanks for reporting. I can reproduce that on my end too. 

Don't worry, it's just a cosmetic issue. When you press Send, then the track will be send to your friend without any issues.


@Daniel can move this one to Known Issues if it hasn't already been posted there.


When I select a song to share, then select that friend from the list...all that remains in the "Enter a friend's name" box is an "X"


thanks Jordi!


(I re-checked 3 times before I sent it.  Agreed cosmetic...but disconcerting for user experience.)

Status changed to: Fixed

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That's a known bug. But even if you get a X you still can click send and your friend will receive the song.


I experienced the same and I clicked 4 times send and my friend received the songs 4 times!!


thanks Daniel!  Thanks too for the empathy Soundofus! (I've probably done the same thing myself...user experience is so important)


@Jordi Are you still able to reproduce this? 


Good question @meahtenoha. Seems fixed on my end. You can mark this one as fixed.


Status changed to: Fixed

Hi Friends.


When I want to use the option send    and add FB frienda names not all of them  do not show. I have commented this with Spotify help , but so far no good news, I am a Premiun user . Anyboday can help me resolve this issue???'


Also I am expereencing a new problem, I want to share music , spotify seems to do all procedires but the music does not get even to my FB page.... Is it a temporary problem????  or  a new problem   Too many users????'