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Recently Played Artists Missing




 United States 



Operating System

IOS 12.1


My Question or Issue

 Today my recently played artists disappeared from my account. Only my playlists are visible when looking at my account. I have restarted my phone and reinstalled the app several times. Recently played artists was visible until today

Hey everyone,


This should now be fixed. Make sure to have your apps up-to-date, and that the setting is toggled on. Head to your app's Settings and make sure that the option to Show my Recently Played Artists is toggled on. Restart the app if necessary. 


If it's still not working for you, let us know by creating a new thread and we'll make sure to help you out. 


All the best!


my Recently played artists won’t show up on my iOS device on mobile even though I have it turned on



my recently played artists have not updated on my desktop (mac), despite frequently listening to music. my iphone app works normally.


i already tried to uninstall/install, reboot, login/logout... EVERYTHING





Plan Premium

Country Brazil

Devices iPhone 7 and  Macbook Pro 2014

Operating System iOS 10



Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 16.18.36.jpg

I am having the same issue, this just started happening today


Did this ever get resolved for you?  I'm having the same issue.  Thanks!

No response yet


This just started happening to me today, too.   




Try force quitting the app by double clicking your home button and swiping up of the Spotify app. If this doesn't work, give your iPhone a restart. If there's still no resolution, delete the Spotify app and give it a quick re-download.


Is your device updated to the latest version? Is the Spotify app updated to the latest version? 


If problems still persist could you tell me the exact version of the spotify app you're running and exact version of iOS you're using? I'll try and find a solution for you!




Phone: Moto G5 plus

Spotify version:


Issue: 'Recently Played Artists' is no longer displayed on my profile page either on the phone app or desktop app.  Only 'Public Playlists' is displayed.  Though for the desktop app,  'Recently Played' playlist  is viewable on list on the left side of the screen, but not on profile page. 


Things I've tried:

Logging off/on (both phone app and desktop app) 

Unistalled app on phone, Restarted phone, reinstalled app

Chatting with Spotify tech support

   - tech deleted my offline cache and asked me to uninstall/reinstall


Thanks for the help!




Try going under your setting and under the Social tab.

Are you currently in a Private Session?

Do you have the 'Publish Activity' option turned on?


Let me know?(:

No I am not in a private session. I also have never used private session and my publish activity is on