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Recently played artist not updating



List of the recently played artist is not updating once again, can you look into that?
Last update happened for me on Sunday the 1th of October.


I use your app in IOS environment and also desktop/windows.




 Hey everyone! 


This is expected since the Spotify RPA only shows up when you play music from the artist page and not from playlists. However, we'll pass on your feedback to the right folks and let them know it's an option you'd like to see in the future. 


Let us know if we can help with anything else. Just don't forget to create a new thread 🙂 


same 😕


I posted this yesterday, also. Please fix–it's my favorite feature!


Noticed that update in RPA-list occurred when listening to music via artists/groups profile, but RPA-list do not updates when listening via any created playlists.





Same experience as Annethe above.  RPA updates when music is played from Artist profile but not from playlists.  



Same thing is happening with me. I use Android.

Well well well... So the good ole "RPA is broken" glitch has once again reared its ugly head lol 


To be fair to Spotify though, it's been quite a while since it broke the last time.


In my case, my RPA has not updated when I have played music either from a playlist or directly from an artist's page. its been frozen in place regardless from where I played music from in the app.


FYI for any participants here that might not know. When someone does respond, they might ask what platform and Spotify version number you are using (among other questions)


So it's best to be proactive and put that out there because they will want to have as much info to go on as possible.


Android version -

Samsung galaxy Note 5


Spotify has confirmed they are no longer sharing RPA with Facebook, which sucks.

Sorry to hear that @DanielBK


Just so there's no confusion though, this particular glitch/bug is regarding our RPA's not updating on our individual Spotify pages.


This is a separate issue from the Facebook thing.

OT but I really wish there was a way we could delete a comment instead of just being able to edit.





@DanielBK Good to know that does not getting updated no longer towards Facebook, yet as @user-removed saying that this is not the same issue. Sadly that they ended it anyway.


As far as I read the confirmation from Spotify, and correct me if I’m wrong; but this is about the update towards Facebook that has been a ending function and not the RPA list on a Spotify Users profile within the Spotify application.


Version in IOS I use is