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Since five days back, my recently played artists as seen on my profile are not updating properly. Before, it was instantaneous, now maybe 7-8 hours delay. Sometimes my library updates, but not the artists shown in my profile. Same with friends profile, very annoying. I see some old topics with this and that is has been "fixed" - any solution anyone? I have tried deactivating in settings and activating, restarting, reinstalling, nothing works.




iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS and Windows 10




Hey folks,


Thanks for all your recent reports of this happening.


Just so you know, the tech team has been working on this backstage and it should now be fixed for everyone.


If you are still experiencing this, we'd recommend making sure your device and operating system are up-to-date, as well as giving your Spotify and browser a refresh.


Also there is this ongoing issue regarding the Recently Played section on the Home page. If that's something you're experiencing, make sure to add your +VOTE there and subscribe to the topic. That way you'll be notified with all the future updates on that case. 

If you have any further questions, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.





Samsung 10+

Windows Desktop 10 Education, Version 1803


App on phone is not working and the desktop. I've tried all of these steps and none are helping 😞


Please fix soon!!



Hey there folks,


@fusionarc@1a7sox-jd_c05 : Rest assured that our tech teams are still looking into this.


Keep in mind that the status update contains updates for users who have already posted, as well as some troubleshooting steps to try for new users who come across it and need more help. If you've already tried the suggested steps or have provided updated information, no need to do so again 🙂


@xjengx - Thanks for adding these details, we've passed them on to our tech teams!


@hydra3 - It'd be really helpful if you could let us know the exact Spotify version you're on as well as the operating system for each of the devices you're experiencing this on so we can pass it on.


@umjams - This sounds like a different issue than the one reported in this Ongoing Issue. In this case, we'd recommend starting a new thread in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand there.



We'll keep you posted here once we have any updates on this issue, thanks for bearing with us!




"@hydra3 - It'd be really helpful if you could let us know the exact Spotify version you're on as well as the operating system for each of the devices you're experiencing this on so we can pass it on."


We so appreciate that you guys are trying to fix this but this question has been asked for months. SpotifyCares on Twitter asks users to provide this information and once they do they're told there's currently no fix. It makes no difference to the Recently Played Artists page error. It feels like you're deliberately stalling. This wouldn't be so irritating if the RPA page hadn't been frozen since November (and the mods here have been asking the same questions over and over again since November).


Hey there @ryan922,


Thanks for adding that - we really appreciate your patience while this is being looked into.


Keep in mind that the details we request are helpful to our tech teams in order to better understand and investigate the affected devices. 


Rest assured that once we have any updates regarding a fix, we'll make sure to update the status of this thread.


Hope this helps clear things up but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else! Have a lovely day 🙂


I am having this issue on my iphone7 app as well. My recently played artists haven't updated in a few months now.


Just gonna leave a comment here in case this ever gets fixed. I am also troubled by it.




Nice to eventually hear from Spotify @Katerina 

Mine has also been stuck since November. Use to update every 6 hours then stopped updating completely.
Iphone 11, 13.3


Spotify Version

I updated it in the last few hours. I have also reinstalled it many times, changed password, use a different devices with no change its still the same! 
For some reason it seems clear that you have not been able to fix this problem after such a long time. What about creating a new feature (replacement for broken RPL) that will show the recently played music?


"Recently Played" on my PC app hasn't updated in over a month for me. I listen to music daily, both on PC and on my mobile app. While Spotify's mobile app continues to update regularly, Spotify's app on my PC has NOT. I have tried just about everything that could trigger it to fix itself. I've fiddled with just about everything in my settings, gone into parts of the code, revoked access to certain apps with my Spotify info, private sessions, restarts, logging out. None of it has helped. I'm using the most recently updated Spotify as of today.

The fact that it's gone this long without being fixed, with all these users who are also experiencing the same issue, is ridiculous. (I've seen other threads on the community site with tons of other users that have the same issue, and link to this thread as a "solution" **bleep**)


Hey there folks,


@kleinkatzen and @Unhappy123, this ongoing issue is about the Recently Played Artists section on your profile section having troubles updating.


Since you mention you're having troubles with the Recently Played section on Home, we wanted to double check if the same is happening with the Recently Played Artists section as well.


If not, the best way to help is by posting in our Help Boards as it sounds like a different issue. We'll be happy to lend a hand there.


@bdface and @1222329698, if possible, it'd be really helpful if you could let us know the details requested in our status update so we can pass them along to the right teams 🙂




Thank you @Katerina my problem is with the “Recently Played Artists”  which has not updated since November. And, that is the same issue that everyone on here has been posting, its that what you are refering?