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Since five days back, my recently played artists as seen on my profile are not updating properly. Before, it was instantaneous, now maybe 7-8 hours delay. Sometimes my library updates, but not the artists shown in my profile. Same with friends profile, very annoying. I see some old topics with this and that is has been "fixed" - any solution anyone? I have tried deactivating in settings and activating, restarting, reinstalling, nothing works.




iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS and Windows 10




Hey folks,


Thanks for all your recent reports of this happening.


Just so you know, the tech team has been working on this backstage and it should now be fixed for everyone.


If you are still experiencing this, we'd recommend making sure your device and operating system are up-to-date, as well as giving your Spotify and browser a refresh.


Also there is this ongoing issue regarding the Recently Played section on the Home page. If that's something you're experiencing, make sure to add your +VOTE there and subscribe to the topic. That way you'll be notified with all the future updates on that case. 

If you have any further questions, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Hey there @Wordflow,

thanks for reaching out !


The Recently Played should update once a session is re-opened.

This means that if you are done listening, the Recently Played won't update right away.

It will update once you start a new listening session.


Hope this helps 🙂


Thanks for replying!

How would you define a listening session? Because until one week back it used to show up instantly as I or a friend changed artist, but now the lag is 6-8 hours. 


Hey @Wordflow

thanks for the update!


Can you please confirm that this is happening across all of your devices, including desktop? having another user like a friend can help as well.


Waiting on your update 🙂


Yes. On all devices!

I am having the same issue myself on all platforms

My "Recently Play Artists" section on my public profile stopped updating and managed to fix it. Unfortunately I don't know what actually fixed it, but here's what I did (in order). It was most likely either 6 or 7, I'd suggest starting save time but I'm including 1 - 5 incase it's a combination of one of them with 6 and/or 7:

1) fiddling with the settings for a few days. Turning off the "share my listening activity" and "show my recently played artists" and "private session", listening to some albums, then turning it back on.

2) logged out of everything - my phone, tablet, desktop app and web browser.

3) uninstalled and reinstalled app on my desktop.

4) played music on all my devices. Phone, Kindle, web browsers (firefox and microsoft edge), desktop app

5) tried another free account on all these devices and Recently Played Artists started updating again. Confirming it probably wasn't the device.

- None of those things alone fixed it, so it's likely one of these 2:

6) I reset my password

7) I went to my account overview on the Spotify website, and on the left menu at the bottom of the list is a tab called "Apps" with a puzzle piece icon. It's all the Apps that I gave permission to access to my Spotify account.

- the app permissions I REMOVED were:

a) a 3rd party app called that I used to use for more in depth new releases. I think it was this one because I removed it from my bookmark toolbar around the same time I started having issues. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it's one **bleep** of a coincidence if not.

b) Something about "allows the profile service to transcode images". I apoligize, I don't remember the actual name of it and I have no clue what it was.

- and the app permissions I KEPT were:

c) Spotify Advertising Cookie
d) Spotify Community
e) Spotify Mobile Web Player.

Voila, my Recently Played Artists began updating again. quicker Than before too (used to take up to 8 hours, now 10 minutes)


Nope. Not updating even after 10 new sessions. 


Hey @Gina52561,

Thanks for getting back to us (and thanks @verlin_benge for providing those steps) 🙂

Judging by the fact that this is happening across all your devices, it sounds as if the issue is specific to your account.

With this in mind, could you create a new account and have a listen to see if your Recently Played Artists updates as normal?

If so, let us know and we'll let you know what to do next.

Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂



Hello Peter. I created a new account and it isn't updating either.


(Is it something to do with my Mac?)