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Recently played artists not updating

Status: Fixed

Thread: 1168441


Description: The RECENTLY PLAYED ARTISTS section isn't updating on some user profiles. 

Status changed to: Fixed

Finally!! Thank you.

Thank you! Glad to see this happen. As it's still an issue for many of us.


I think it's inconsiderate of Spotify, after 4 months, to not make sure that all of its clients have fully functioning software and that it's working properly. They make sure that I keep up my part of the bargain of paying them every month!

Recently played artists has never been a well thought out function /and/ it has never worked properly. It should be a simple history feed. See hype machine. Please fix and stop over thinking the solution.

@foldedletters up until early April, it worked absolutely fine for me. Have to admit I'm blaffled as to why to this day there is no perm solution yet.


@user-removed @foldedletters  @meahtenoha     I know I am annoying....but mine friggin' does not update. I have had one update in five months. I see other "friends" RPA updating on the regular. In the passed month I have seen other profiles updating several times. Spotify doesn't care at all, and it is upsetting. 


I hope this is fixed soon! I have been having this issue for many months now and it's very frustrating. 

@IcanHearUnow I don;t think you're annoying. You're understandibly frustrated. I too have noticed that some of my friends "recently played" have been updating. This issue obviously isn't affecting every spotify user. None the less, it's an issue that should have (in my opinion) been fixed by now.


I'm just happy it's currently under investigation.


@user-removed Thanks Joshua, you're too sweet. I am glad as well it's being investigated, and hope a solution is close to being implemented.