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Recently played artists not updating

In the past week, my recently played artists have not updated once, despite frequently listening to music (and multiple songs from artists). After I noticed mine wasn’t updating, I checked my friends’ each day to see if theirs were updating, but they also weren’t updating either. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, turning the recently played artists setting off and on again, and updating the app, but nothing is working. 


Hey folks, thank you for reporting your issues with the Recently Played Artists. This should now be fixed for all of you. If you see any other problems with this feature please post in the Accounts board of the Community. Thanks!


My recently played artists haven't updated since Sunday. I've read a ton of other threads expressing this same issue throughout the years, but it's beyond frustrating. Why is this such a problem? Are other people experiencing this?


This has been happening to me and my friends as well - it hasn't updated in several days.


Got this as well since the beginning of this week!


I understand that it takes some time to resolve issues and I've tried to be patient because I know you guys must have a lot on your hands, but this has been going on for too long.


I am a Premium user, yet my recently played artists and the recently played artists of my friends haven't updated for nearly an entire week. Also, I can't even see who/what my friends are listening to in the friend activity sidebar.


I don't know what's going on, but this seems to be happening to SEVERAL people, yet nothing is being done about it and no communication is being made?


My Recently Played Artist list has not updated in a week or so on both my desktop and phone. Is anyone having this problem again?


yep, same here... as a paying customer I wish they would fix this.


Me too its been over a week I wrote spotify and my reply was to search their website for help! Hello... that is why I was writing them for I had searched the website to no avail. My friend feed keeps disappearing too ...a lot of strange things going on. 


This has happened so many times I've lost count. It sucks to pay for something that only half works half of the time. Looking to other apps since the customer service and lack of consistency and consideration for paying customers seems to have fallen to the wayside. 

i'm having the exact same problem since a week now! this happened to my profile several years ago as well and it literally took ages for it to get back to normal. i tried several things like deleteng cached files but nothing happens. has spotify ever given a reply to what causes this specific problmen and why it keeps happening over and over again?


Same here, 'recent played artist' has been the same since a week, since I've updated Spotify. There must be some bug.