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People's recently played artists have disapeared from all of their profiles. It will only post playlists that they have but nothing else. This just recently started happening. I have tried logging in and out on both mac/iphone, but to no avail. Perhaps you could help me? 

Hey folks!


We were looking into a few things backstage, but this should be fixed up now.
Can you try logging out/in again twice?


Things should be back up and running 🙂







Noticed that all Recently played artist list on users are now missing completely. 

Might be you are working on something, or there is an error in you application.


I choosed desktop as label, but are missing also on IOS as far as I know.





 Yeah this sucks!!?

Totally agree - hope this is temporary 😞


Totally agree, my recently played artists are now inaccurate.


I agree completely. This is a very important aspect of Spotify that not only lets you connect with others, but it helps you discover new music. Please add back Spotify.


I logged in today and realized I can't see anyone's recently played artists anymore. That was a great feature to find new music, too - is this part of the update and will return? If not I'm disappointed! Bring it back!


Yeah, this is a bummer. Bring it back!


Yeah, my own 'recently played artists' list is now inaccurate, and it's not possible to view the recently played artists of other users. What happened?


Hi guys 🙂


@Jim @Melody@Natalie @JackF @kayleigh


I know you've been a part of an old issue where the RPA-list did not update correctly.

I just want to hear if the RPA-list is about to go away, or if there is an issue when this list is not visible anymore.





The "recently played artists" was a very important reference point for me and my musical learning. Now, I can't remember what "new" music I had discovered. This is a VERY dissappointing development as I really don't want to go back to the PAPER and PENCIL method. If people don't want to share what they have been listening to (sad for the listener that lost their cultural identity to cyber-pressure) there should be an easier option to hide that information from the public (sad for the artists who are losing their cyber identity to cultural pressure.)