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People's recently played artists have disapeared from all of their profiles. It will only post playlists that they have but nothing else. This just recently started happening. I have tried logging in and out on both mac/iphone, but to no avail. Perhaps you could help me? 

Hey folks!


We were looking into a few things backstage, but this should be fixed up now.
Can you try logging out/in again twice?


Things should be back up and running 🙂





I agree!


I agree!


They removed it as part of their "new update", but didn't warn anyone. Took away one of the only social aspects of Spotify. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!




Whyyyy is this happeningggg, noooooo!!! 


Noticed this too, it happened after the last update. My own recently played artist list is now inaccurate, and it's not possible to view the recently played artists of other users or friends I follow. 

Please fix this issue as fast as you can.


It's about a week I can't see my friends top artist. I can't see top artist list of anyone!

And, at the same time, my top artist list includes about 50 artists!

Is it normal?


Same issue for same length of time.


Same issue here. 


I have been a paying customer for some time now, along with my boyfriend and a few friends of mine (all of whom are having the same issue). I am curious if you can tell me why the recently played artists feature has disappeared from my friend's feed? It is still showing my recently played artists, even more in number now than before. However, I love to see what my friends have been listening to. It helps me find new artists and has been one of my favorite features of Spotify since I started using the service. I have always liked the social aspect Spotify has provided. As a paying customer I would like to know why I am not notified that some features I pay for are being messed with or done away with. Why aren't we asked for our opinions on the matter? I think it would benefit a company to ask its user base its thoughts and opinions on adding or taking away from some of its core features BEFORE the fact. That was why I chose to pay Spotify and not another streaming service.