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Release Radar from previous week

Status: Not An Issue
I forgot to save one song that I particularly liked from last week's Release Radar playlist which of course was reset today. Is there any way I can see the track list from last week? I will recognize it as soon as I see it. Thanks in advance!

Hey @raficocali! Welcome to the community!

It's not possible to view your old Release Radars at this moment. You can however view your listening history on desktop. Just click the Play Queue (Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 15.18.53.png) icon next to the controls. Let me know if you can find it.


Take care! 🙂


I am finding this very frustrating listening to a release radar mix all week on my daily commute in the car and unable to access track info as I was driving. I really loved some of the tracks and have got one of them going around in my head but I don't know who it's by or what it's called. The song has dissapeared off the release radar playlist as the list has been renewed.


This reminds me of listening to music on the radio in 70's if you loved a track you heard but didn't catch what it was called it could be decades before you heard it again! come on spotify you can do better than this! or is hiding music people have grown to love a devious new way of attempting to increase engagement?

I love the release radar playlist it has found some wonderful music for me but when it dissapears without a trace it can be very very frustrating.


As I listen accross various devices the listening history on my PC doesn't seem to include tracks I've listened to in my car on my phone so I'm stumped and stuck with an ear worm that I love but can't identify...