Release Radar includes wrong artist with same name as desired artist

I constantly find my Release Radar recommending songs by an artist (say A) with the same name as an artist (say A') that I might actually wanna listen to. This is extremely dumb as an issue because these two artists are listed as genuinely different artists in Spotify and the newly recommended song by a wrong artist is listed as a song of A' in the system. A reasonable conclusion is that at least Release Radar does not look into the artist IDs but just merely refers to their names. This happens to like 5 different artists to me and my Release Radar is contaminated by songs which I have absolutely no interest in. I believe this is a very basic bug that can be fixed in like 5 minutes.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this issue to us. We've now gone ahead and reported it to the right team who will look into it.


Note: If you notice that a song appears under the wrong Artist profile, then this needs to be reported separately as a content error. Make sure to check out this support article for more info on how to do that.


If you're experiencing the issue as described in the original post, make sure to provide us with relevant examples, including:

  • Spotify URI of the artist you follow/are expecting to see in your Release Radar
  • Spotify URI of the artist you see instead of the expected one in your Release Radar

Thanks! We'll let you know as soon as we have any further updates on this.

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Plan: Premium

Country: UK


Device: Macbook Pro, OnePlus 6

Operating System: macOS 10.14.6, Android 9


My Question or Issue:

For a while now I've noticed that my Release Radar includes tracks from artists that I don't follow, who have the same name as those that I do follow.


For example, I follow MOTi:



In my Release Radar this week, I have a track from Moti, an entirely different artist who I do not follow:



This happens every couple weeks or so, and I remember it at least 6 months back, but I don't always notice or remember to report it. In all cases, the name of the incorrect artist has been identical to an artist that I correctly follow. 


I'm guessing that there's a bug with the way the Release Radar playlist is created, which is including releases that match the name of followed artists, rather than matching the artist unique IDs.


This seems to be a playlist creation issue, and doesn't appear to be related to which device or app I am listening on.


Happy to include more information if needed, but it only happens sporadically. I can add more examples when I notice them that helps.


Cheers. 🙂




To begin with - a simplistic use-case example:


  1. A person listens heavy metal bands only
  2. He/she finds and follows a subsequent metal band named AAA directly from the artists page
  3. Release Radar compiles a personalized playlists each week based on all the followed artist
  4. 4. All works well till another AAA artist comes to the market and it plays a very nice kids pop music. 
  5. Repeat 1-4 multiple times with BBB, CCC, DDD... artists
  6. Suddenly the persons (a big metal music fan) release radar playlist is filled with metal and kids pop tracks

... I hope the context description is clear, now to the questions:


  1. Does Spotify distinguishes between same name artists content internally (as externally it doesn't seem so)?
  2. When persons presses FOLLOWING button what exactly he/she follows?
  3. When persons presses 'I don't like this artist' what exactly happens:
    • Does Spotify UN-FOLLOWS the particular (kids pop) sub-artist?
    • Does Spotify UN-FOLLOWS all artist with same name (metal & kids pop)?
    • Spotify does something else like internal DB like/dislike tagging?
  4. Is there a unambiguous and explicit way to FOLLOW a particular AAA (metal) artist but not the whole family of AAA artists.



Spotify Legend
Status changed to: Need more info

Hey all,

So we've seen a few reports from users that get recommendations based on sharing an Artist name.

If you are experiencing this, please send us over the following:


  • Device
  • OS version
  • Spotify version

We'll look into this and keep you up to date in this Ongoing Issue.


Hey there @Primar,

Welcome to the Community 🙂
Thanks for providing this info and screenshots, that's really helpful to us. 
We're currently looking into this and it would be great if you could let us know your Spotify version as well. 
Keep us posted!

Casual Listener

Here’s an example


I follow James but not this James.

iPhone X

iOS 13.3



Casual Listener

This really needs to be fixed. I’m surprised this is still happening but this also just happened to me this week “Phoenix” the rapper is not the indie pop “Phoenix” that I follow. I don’t even follow the rapper but somehow their music is getting in my release radar. This is just an example but this happens to any other artists with the same name. Applies to all devices and software versions as the Release Radar playlist is auto generated.


edit: I posted about this issue months ago and got no response -


This artist - North (metal band)

has some weird `non related` pop-albums  _Singles and EPs_ listed (they're interfering with the actual North artist when recommended through Release Radar).


`Appears On` section is also contaminated with many unrelated links

Example - ISIS (metal band)

has the whole  _Appears On_ section of unrelated pop-collection recommendations (which is also popping up in the Release Radar list).



Got this track in my Release Radar:

It doesn't have anything to do with the actual BUSH (rock music genre) artist it points to

Looks like the main contaminating culprits are the tracks that coming from the Singles, EPs and Appears On section?



Still got no answer to the question: What happens if I press [I don't like this song] or [I don't like this artist] for that particular track? Will it affect all further proper BUSH (rock music genre) artist / songs recommendations?





Another messy contaminated artist/track from Release Radar:


The actual End artist here:

has albums from the proper End (experimental electronic genre) artist but the profile picture, first two recommended tracks, Singles form another one with a totally music style.



The proper End artist i'm following (at least at the time I've pressed FOLLOWING button) is this one

Can't even find the other one on discogs.