Remove songs/albums from cache.

Status: Not An Issue
Now when removing songs from spotify does not free space. I don't have more space on my sd card. So I deleted many albums but now free space is made. I got only one solution. To clean cache from in side spotify, but this removes everything. Then i need to find all albums I want manually and re-download them again. This is not acceptable. How is it possible that removed files are still on sd card. I can't understand that. They are not needed.

Hey @klauzer, welcome to the Spotify Community!


To start, can you let us know what device, operating system, and version of Spotify you're using?


After trying a clean reinstall, does the same thing happen with the songs for offline use that you remove?


Keep us posted.




I haven't had to uninstall spotify but did have to clean the cache.

And why does cleaning the cache have to reset your settings? What has one to do with the other?