Removed song won't leave my library

Status: Fixed

I was trying to organize some stuff in the "Songs" section of my library when I came across a song that does not get removed when I click "Remove from Your Library".


Normally, the songs just disapear on their own a few seconds after that, but this one just isn't going anywhere and it's become super annoying and is pretty much the bane of my existence now.


The very thought of it keeps me up at night and makes me shiver thinking about it. Please someone save me from this stupid bug I want my life back.



Thanks for reaching out about this. 

If you're having trouble removing local files, we recommend the following steps: 


  1. Upgrade to 1.0.58 (or higher)
  2. Exit Spotify
  3. Locate the file "local-files.bnk"
    1. Windows: \Users\<Your computer user name>\Roaming\Spotify\Users\<your spotify user name>-user\local-files.bnk
    2. OSX: <Your user folder>/Library/Application Support/Spotify/Users/<your spotify user name>-user/local-files.bnk
  4. Delete that file.
  5. Start Spotify again and re-add the folders you do want to have Local files from.

If that doesn't help, try following the steps here to perform a full reinstall. 




Status changed to: Need more info

Hi @laurenth99, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Could you let us know what device, operating system, and Spotify version you're using? We'd recommend restarting your device and let us know if it makes any difference.


Take care 🙂


Hi @Aimee_T, thank you for replying!


I am currently on my Asus X455L laptop, but I've noticed the same bug persists on all my devices connected to Spotify (Sony Xperia Z, iPad 3). As for operating system, I am using Windows 10, and as far as I can tell I am using the most updated version of Spotify on all of my devices.


Sadly, restarting my devices hasn't helped and I am all out of ideas. Strangely, it is only happening with this one song which I added to my library years ago and have barely listened to since I added it. I know it's silly but the fact that this song keeps popping up everytime I remove it is actually driving me crazy.


Any help or advice would therefore be greatly appreciated! 🙂



Thanks for the info.


In this case, it might be related to a cache issue. Give it a try reinstalling the app and see if you're still experiencing the same issue. Here's how.


Keep us posted.

Hi @Maria_B,


Thank you for the suggestion, but still no change I'm afraid. I am starting to wonder if this is just one of those things I should learn to live with for the rest of my life (like herpes or annoying kids).


I really appreciate you guys trying to help so far, and I am open to more suggestions if you have any. If worst comes to worst, I will accept my tragic fate and move on, though I hope someone eventually figures this out or fixes the bug.


Many thanks anyway 🙂


That's odd. 


Do you have the same issue if you log in to a different device? We'd recommend logging out and back into your account. Let us know how it goes.


Take care 🙂

@Aimee_T nope, still nothing I'm afraid.


Could it be that I saved it on an old device and spotify still prioritises that one or something?? Really no clue what I am saying, just shooting ideas in the dark here.


I will keep trying other things and if anything works I will post the solution on here. If you don't hear from me after this then you know I've failed . . . 


Thanks for keeping us posted.


Just to make sure, did you import this song from your local files?


We'll see what else we can suggest. 

@MonicaM_Bogota now that you mention it, I think I imported it from iTunes ages ago.


Does that mean that if I delete the song from my local files it could leave my spotify library as well?


I don't listen to it anymore so I will gladly remove it now if it means I will be free of this godawful bug forever.


No worries!


Can you try to remove your local files sources with the steps here? Once you've done this, try reinstalling the app one more time with the steps we sent you before.


Let us know if this helps. 

@MonicaM_Bogota sorry, I thought I stumbled on the solution, but turns out I was wrong.


The laptop I am on now is still considerably new, so actually there was no music in the local files (no  iTunes installed or anything). I think I added the song from local files on my old laptop which broke down a while back so there is no way of deleting it from there.


Is there some way that I can disable that old device's influence on my spotify, perhaps that will then fix the bug? It was a Toshiba Satellite C850 if that helps.

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