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Repeat same song with gapless playback.

Status: Not An Issue

I encountered a bug where listening to an Album with a single Track on repeat causes a gap between the end and start of the song. (


I reproduced this issue by adding the same track multiple times and still encountered this issue (


I confirmed gapless playback was enabled in my client by listeing to Pink Floyds "The Wall" (there is no gapless setting in the OSX client, presuming its always-on-by-default)


As a user, I want to play a track on repeat with gapless playback


See this thread for mor context


Hey @dzanot!


We've passed the info to our team and they're looking into it right now. In the meantime, we suggest activating our Crossfade feature with these steps:


All the best 🙂 



And cross fade does not help the issue 


Realize this is a very old thread so not too hopeful it's in the pipeline, but I'm looking for gapless playback for the same reason as the OP - white noise looping without interruption. Unfortunately the crossfade feature doesn't work when looping one track.

Agreed .. Why such a simple request is ignored?

Spotify is so bad at user requests..
Yeah for real. Two factor authentication? Nope, they just keep showing they don’t care.

Having the same issue! It’s so simple...

It seems fixed for me (Mac)

I have same problem!  Without this feature it seems impossible to listen to white noise on spotify properly.
Tried crossfade and doesn't seems to work. 




It's now February 2021 and staggeringly this issue still has not been resolved. Whats worse I notice that this thread has been marked "Not an issue".... Im actually lost for words at the arrogance being displayed by Spotify here. 

As it stands, using Spotify to fall asleep is impossible. There are so many great albums and tracks of various types of white noise but they are all useless due to the fact the tracks arent remotely long enough (which isnt Spotifys fault) however Spotify IS responsible for the fact these tracks cannot be looped without a gap.


Pick any white noise track, make it loop, there will be a gap between it finishing and starting again. This totally ruins the entire point of playing white noise to begin with. Why are Spotify ignoring this? How hard can it be to fix this? This was first reported in 2016 for goodness sakes!!


I despair Spotify, I really really do.

There are some artists now like Matthias Stuski and Tmsoft who engineer
white noise and loopable background sound, as well as 30+ minute tracks.
Search on "loopable." Also search 24 hour recordings and field recordings.

I've been getting by with the crossfade, but now, little 'clicks' occur each time the track is looped. 


We had a good run of wonderful nights of sleep, frequently, and for many months. All undone within one 3 minute loop. 


Maybe, in 30 years time, my children will find this post. Maybe they'll go to bat for me, advocating for better service from SpotifyMARZ as I age slowly, dying of terminal vape lung, in a MegaBlokNursingCompound™ 


"PopPop needs his unbroken pure white noise!" They'll say. And all they'll receive is the . exact . opposite . sound.


Yes, Simon and Garfunkel fans...that is the sound of ...silence.


And maybe...just maybe, they'll wait another 30 years. Those kids will pass along the fight to their own. Like a loath-ful holiday tradition...a familial vendetta, they will return. Becoming a family that, one day, may be poised to take down a multi-global juggernaut. 


That is the day I will retransmute my form, from the ether of existence, and join my people for a nice afternoon nap, or a long evening of cozy white noise oblivion.