Repeat same song with gapless playback.

I encountered a bug where listening to an Album with a single Track on repeat causes a gap between the end and start of the song. (


I reproduced this issue by adding the same track multiple times and still encountered this issue (


I confirmed gapless playback was enabled in my client by listeing to Pink Floyds "The Wall" (there is no gapless setting in the OSX client, presuming its always-on-by-default)


As a user, I want to play a track on repeat with gapless playback


See this thread for mor context


Hey @dzanot!


We've passed the info to our team and they're looking into it right now. In the meantime, we suggest activating our Crossfade feature with these steps:


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Yes, I have this same request.

I would like to play continous white noise/rain/whatever, without the fade out between the recorded length of the snip. It totally breaks the immersion.

Has anybody found a fix?


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Does Spotify tech support have a status update? Several of us would like a simple gapless repeat I don't think that is hard to implement. As others have stated this is useful for any white noise loop that is shorter than 2 hours long. The crossfade is not an acceptable substitute as there is still a noticeable change in the sound no matter how long a crossfade is selected. 

Agreed !

Same thing here. The gap is so annoying.

has spotify provided a solution for this issue?

No, we got a small white noise player instead. Much more reliable solution
for use night after night.

The white noise machine is a better substitute in theory, however I like the selection of sound options on spotify. My ear tends to hear any short looping or repeating sounds on most white noise machines, which keeps me awake. Clearly spotify don't see this as a priority. Not sure when, if ever, it will get fixed. For now I just picked a brown noise track that is about 90 minutes long but I'd still like to see a gapeless repeat.

Oh, I agree with you about the better sound options on Spotify. I used to
love the train sounds, especially. But they're just not going to fix this.

Same issue - gapless playback is enabled, however there's a gap with tracks on repeat. Would prefer not to use crossfade. Thanks! 


It's still an issue 4 years later !!