Repeat same song with gapless playback.

Status: Not An Issue

I encountered a bug where listening to an Album with a single Track on repeat causes a gap between the end and start of the song. (


I reproduced this issue by adding the same track multiple times and still encountered this issue (


I confirmed gapless playback was enabled in my client by listeing to Pink Floyds "The Wall" (there is no gapless setting in the OSX client, presuming its always-on-by-default)


As a user, I want to play a track on repeat with gapless playback


See this thread for mor context


Hey @dzanot!


We've passed the info to our team and they're looking into it right now. In the meantime, we suggest activating our Crossfade feature with these steps:


All the best 🙂 



Create a playlist, add song twice, repeat playlist. No gap.

By the way, thanks for nothing Spotify. Such a simple feature...


Really?... this works?


Just make sure you also have the crossfade activated, then it works for me


This seems to be working for me now without the 2-song crossfade trick. Anyone else?