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Repeated Songs on Discover Weekly Playlists

Status: Not An Issue

On my Discover Weekly (DW) playlist every week, I get up to 15 songs that I've had previously on DW playlists. As in, there are many songs that have shown up on two or even three of my DW playlists in the last few months. Note: These are all songs I did not like enough to add to my saved songs.


This week, there are 7 songs that I remember from other recent DW playlists:


Bahamas - All the Time

Caught a Ghost - Human Nature

Barrett Baber - Regulators

Greyhounds - What’s on Your Mind

Ben Rector - Brand New

Charlie Mars - The Money

Widespread Panic - Up All Night


Attached are a couple screen shots showing most of my current DW playlist.


Any help would be much appreciated - thank you!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.29.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.29.21 AM.png
Status changed to: Not An Issue

Hey @benmuggsy! Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.


This could happen if you often listen with Private Session or stream from your Discover Weekly mostly. We'd recommend listening to various artists this week and let us know if the same thing happens.


Keep us posted.


Hey @benmuggsy!


How did it go with this week's Discover Weekly? Did our suggestions help at all?


We'll see what else we can suggest 🙂

I still got many repeats (~ 10 songs) on last week's playlist. This week, I have 5 or 6. I'm surprised there isn't an algorithm that precludes songs from being added to a playlist if they've already been introduced to the user?

Thanks for letting us know.


We've reported this to the relevant team. We'll keep you updated.


Stay tuned.


Same thing is happening to me. The last two weeks have had roughly 15 songs repeated. I generate my playlists from my Discover Weekly playlists so much of what I listen to lately is from DS.


Hey @isleoflucy!


Thanks for letting us know this is also happening to you.


This week, avoid using Private Session and stream every single day instead of using your Offline music.


Let us know if the same thing happens on the next Discover Weekly playlist.


Our best,


Hi @MaryC1,


I almost never use Private Session and have been religiously listening to Discover Weekly for months now. I waited a week and deleted a few playlists that had repeats as well as added new playlists to increase my selection and am still getting about half repeat songs. It's making these playlists not very fun to listen to anymore. Can you help?



I'm also getting about 80% repeat songs on my Discover Weekly playlist. It's really boring. I'd like to hear some new and exciting artists.


Hey @isleoflucy and @1288075628, thanks for your reply.


Your Discover Weekly is based on your listening history and that of other Spotify fans with similar tastes. Here's what we suggest for this not to happen again:


  • Avoid listening with Private Session or stream from your Discover Weekly mostly
  • Stream every single day
  • Avoid using Offline Mode
  • Listen to new music from the Browse section of the app

Give it a try this week and let us know how you get on.


I have been having the same issue. It blows my mind that the algorithm does not have the capacity to exclude songs played on previous weeks. 


Would streaming from "Radio" help prevet this?