Reporting a bug. How does this work?

Status: Not An Issue

Welcome to the Bugs board.


How does it work?

We're trying a new form of keeping track of bugs on the Spotify Community.


Here's how we envision this will work:

  1. Only specific users can start new topics here. To keep this forum as clear as possible, and make it easy for our QA and developers to find issues, we are the only ones who can start new topics.
  2. We come across a topic in the Community and feel it might be a bug.
  3. We will start one new topic for that partulcar issue in here.
  4. The topic will be clearly tagged and the issue described.
  5. Any and all updates for that specific issue will be posted in the Original (first) Post.
  6. To make sure we get as much information as possible, about the issue. from you, you can reply to a topic that describes your issue.
  7. When replying to a thread that has your issue, please make sure you add as much information as possible; simply saying "I have this too" doesn't help us pinpoint possible causes, nor find solutions.
    Below are some links to forum posts which will help you get started.
  8. If a reply isn't helpful or constructive we may remove it. This isn't because we want to punish you; we just want to make sure that it's easy for everyone involved to quickly find all the relevant information.
  9. When you reply to let us know you might be experiencing the same issue, please try to provide as much information as possible.

Information to help you post in here (and sometimes even solving your problem before posting!)


I can't post in here. How do I report a new bug?
Use the search function to search the community for your issue. Odds are someone has already reported the issue. If so, reply in that thread and provide as much information as possible.

If no one has reported an issue like the one you are experiencing, navigate to the relevant forum for your device and post a new thread there. Again, provide as much information as possible.