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Resuming Playback Issue (iOS)








iPhone 7


Operating System

Now on : iOS 12.1.3

Original OS version : iOS 12.1.2 


Spotify Version

Now on :

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My Question or Issue

When listening/watching with another app, Spotify will pause but not resume afterwards? The UI and playback becomes unresponsive and requires a restart.


Took the description from this reddit post (, it explains exactly the problem.


I did a complete reinstall, reboot the phone, all the basic stuff.


I realised that problem right away yesterday right after Spotify updated itself from Apple Store.



New reddit post from u/brnsckn :


Edit 2:

Another thread on this forum raised here :


Edit 3: New Reddit Post #3

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience and cooperation on this matter.


We're glad to say that, with the latest update, this issue should now be fixed!

If you're still having problems, let us know in the comments below and we'll help you out.


Thanks again 🙂


Hey @etiennea56, and welcome to the community. 

Hope you’re doing great!


Does this happen when you connect anything to the phone? Such as, using earphones, wireless earphones such as AirPods?


Keep me posted 🙂


Hi Billy-J,


Edit : Nothing needs to be connected, see the following video.


I repeat, everything was fine before the last updated


Thank you very much!



the same thing happens to me since I upgraded to the latest version of spotify from the app store I have an iphone 7 plus with ios 12.1.3 and I had the same with the previous version of ios and the problem occurs when I have nothing connected


I have a similiar Problem on my iPhone 7+, since the last update it's impossible to use spotify. I start a song while connected to my Sony bluetooth headphones, I press pause and when I try to resume the song the icon changes but the song won't start playing. After that I can't play the previous or next song, choose a song from a playlist or open other playlists and after a while the app just completely crashes.


I tried reinstalling but it keeps happening, it's pretty clear that it's a bug inflicted by the last update.


Another reddit post with a lot more upvote raised since yesterday for the same exact problem. This is clearly not an isolated problem.


I have an iPhone 7+. What happens for me is when I open Instagram or Twitter, watch a video or clip from there (obviously pausing Spotify prior, although I shouldn’t have to do this for me to watch something and having Spotify resume after), and I go back to find that my music won’t play. Then, when I go back to the app, it completely freezes and I have to reload the app itself. I’m glad I’m not the only one, and yes I have the latest versions of iOS and the app. 


Same happening to me. It started some time back when I started having such issues while I' m connected to my var via Bluetooth. But now it's happening even no device is connected.

Just simply switching to another app helps teh Spotify App to freeze and be not able to start palying music. Nor showing any playslist details.

It looks like the app is trying to connect somewhere, fails and then can't just do anything meaningful.

iPhone 7, iOS 12.1.3, latest Spotify App


Happening to me as well. iPhone 7 iOS 12.1.2 with Sony Bluetooth headphones. Resuming playback will not work until app restart, it just freezes.


Hey @etiennea56,


Could you be a bit more specific about what do you mean by 'When listening/watching with another app'? What apps specifically?


@concernedhobbit@etiennea56@ToastRunner@mattrodrig97 & @ThomasF1992 could you guys provide some steps to reproduce the issue, maybe a screenrecording?

Make sure you've the latest updates installed, latest iOS version is iOS 12.1.3


Thanks 🙂


Is there anyone in Spotify support who has an iPhone? That problem has been reported thouthand times. To repro it it's no deal. The app is freezing if you switch to any other app. Not happening every time. May be it requires the Spotify app being inactive for some time (a few minutes, maybe).