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Resuming Playback Issue (iOS)








iPhone 7


Operating System

Now on : iOS 12.1.3

Original OS version : iOS 12.1.2 


Spotify Version

Now on :

Started with :


My Question or Issue

When listening/watching with another app, Spotify will pause but not resume afterwards? The UI and playback becomes unresponsive and requires a restart.


Took the description from this reddit post (, it explains exactly the problem.


I did a complete reinstall, reboot the phone, all the basic stuff.


I realised that problem right away yesterday right after Spotify updated itself from Apple Store.



New reddit post from u/brnsckn :


Edit 2:

Another thread on this forum raised here :


Edit 3: New Reddit Post #3

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience and cooperation on this matter.


We're glad to say that, with the latest update, this issue should now be fixed!

If you're still having problems, let us know in the comments below and we'll help you out.


Thanks again 🙂


It is not fixed. I, and many others still have this issue..


Since I can't seem to find any place to create a post, I have a similar problem. 

In one of my playlists, I put all the songs in alphabetical order, and it was ok up to "I", then after every song, it would go back to the first song and start the play list all over. How do I stop that?


Yess!! I have downloaded the latest version of Spotify (19-04-19) on my galaxy watch and Spotify is resuming after the coach has spoken. I'm very happy!! 


For me even after the update when im on Instagram when a video is playing automatically the music stops and not reauming afterwards 

Same thing happens after a call the music is not resuming 

Every time that happpens I need to reopen the app and only then I can resume the music


It would be abit easier if the widget would work which is not any more. it just disappeared.


Btw my device is OnePlus 6


I still have this problem, iOS 13.3 iPhone XS 256 gb as of now, 24.dec.19 been like this for weeks now, done everything, nothing seems to work.


No playback with last update . Tried to delete ap and reinstall per directions but problem not fixed


Not fixed on my end. Have been having problems for months now. 

It primarily happens with a video on Reddit. I watch a video, and then Spotify disappears from the control center and you are forced to resume from the Spotify app






i’m still having this issue noticed since iOS 13 also. Now running iOS 14 without change.


it happens to when using the apple control panel from control centre, the home screen, or when double tapping the play/pause on airpods.


I have seen more posts elsewhere still detailing similar. Would it be possible for you to re investigate this?


as currently the only way to resume playback is by going into the app which gets frustrating.