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Resuming Playback Issue (iOS)








iPhone 7


Operating System

Now on : iOS 12.1.3

Original OS version : iOS 12.1.2 


Spotify Version

Now on :

Started with :


My Question or Issue

When listening/watching with another app, Spotify will pause but not resume afterwards? The UI and playback becomes unresponsive and requires a restart.


Took the description from this reddit post (, it explains exactly the problem.


I did a complete reinstall, reboot the phone, all the basic stuff.


I realised that problem right away yesterday right after Spotify updated itself from Apple Store.



New reddit post from u/brnsckn :


Edit 2:

Another thread on this forum raised here :


Edit 3: New Reddit Post #3

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience and cooperation on this matter.


We're glad to say that, with the latest update, this issue should now be fixed!

If you're still having problems, let us know in the comments below and we'll help you out.


Thanks again 🙂


Hello @Loxer,

As stated in my first post, that description has been taken from the reddit post.


For my own experience, only a pause triggers the problem, I do not have to switch app or do anything.


Here is an exemple from what happenned to me this morning :

- I started my car

- My phone got connected to my car audio system

- I launched Spotify

- Played a song

- Turned the screen off

- Driving

- Music was playing without a problem

- I can skip songs without any problem

- Keeps playing

- Switched car audio the FM mode (which pause Spotify on my phone) for 5 minutes for weather.

- Went back to Bluetooth mode (which trigger an auto-play Spotify)

- Spotify never play any songs after this.

- I tried to skip songs, anything, nothing worked.


In the end, you doesn't even have to switch app or do anything, it's only Spotify getting bugged.


I'll send you a video shortly.

 @Loxer wrote:

Hey @etiennea56,


Could you be a bit more specific about what do you mean by 'When listening/watching with another app'? What apps specifically?


@concernedhobbit@etiennea56@ToastRunner@mattrodrig97 & @ThomasF1992 could you guys provide some steps to reproduce the issue, maybe a screenrecording?

Make sure you've the latest updates installed, latest iOS version is iOS 12.1.3


Thanks 🙂

Here's an example. Spotify fails to resume playback and doesn't do anything. Loading speed is not an issue, and waiting does not help (not shown for brevity)


Here is my video, pretty straight foward.


Edit : Video taken under iOS 12.1.3


If I'm listening to Spotify with Bluetooth headphones and pause using the headphones, Spotify displays as playing but there is no audio. Sometimes instead of displaying as playing it simply becomes unresponsive. Either way, only a force close followed by a relaunch of the app fixes it.


I have the same problem. I leave the car, disconnect from Bluetooth and when I return the app freezes. I have to restart the app in order it to work. 


I have the same problem.

iPhone 7, iOS 12.1.3, headphones connected via Bluetooth

just started recently after Spotify got updated... (same problem occured with iOS 12.1.2)


Hey folks,


Thanks for all your responses so far and or the information you've provided us with - we really appreciate it.


While there does seem to be an issue, we need to make sure that we have understood what the exact issue is, and that futhermore you are all experiencing the same issue.


As far as we can tell, the original issue reported by the OP @etiennea56 seems to be the following:


  • the app freezes on devices running iOS 12.1.3 (but since 12.1.2) and Spotify version 8.4.89 when:
    • playback is interrupted by another media source and Spotify is paused (whether the user switches to another app or not)
    • when trying to resume playback on the app, the media controls are unresponsive (play, skip, etc) and music does not play
    • the app needs to be restarted in order to be able to use the controls again and listen to music.

In addition to this, from what we can tell from your screen recording, playback does not necessarily need to be interrupted by another media source: pausing playback in the app, switching to any another app (without it needing to be an app which plays other media) and switching back to Spotify will also freeze the app.


@etiennea56 - can you confirm for me that this is indeed what you meant ? @Thesadic and @concernedhobbit, you mentioned you were experiencing something similar to the first scenario - could you also confirm all of the above?


@MarkoS4/@ToastRunner - you both mentioned that this happens to you when nothing is connected. Could you clarify what you mean by this and perhaps provide some steps to reproduce?

@ThomasF1992/@concernedhobbit/@TopherEric/@Geowket33 - you mentioned that this happens when connected to Bluetooth headphones. Just to confirm, are you pressing the pause button in the app, or using media controls (e.g. on the Bluetooth heaphones)?


In any case, could all of you experiencing the above issues please provide us with the following information (if you haven't done so already) so that, once we have confirmed the issue, we can pass it on to the right folks:

  • device and iOS version
  • Spotify version
  • exact steps to reproduce
  • a screen recording if possible?

Thanks! We're doing our best to get to the bottom of this, and we appreciate your patience on the matter.


We'll be looking ourt for your replies 🙂


Yeah, all it needs is for the app to be in the background for a bit while paused and it won't resume upon either Bluetooth controls or control center media controls, not even when pressing the resume button through the app. The interface is functional, but the song just won't progress, either from where it was paused or, if switching songs, from 00:00.


I have the same issue since the latest version 😞 . I'm using a BeatsX headphone and once I stop the music, I'm unable to return to it later, it just hangs and freezes.
Phone: iPhone 6s 


Hey @Peter,


I confirm this is indeed what I meant.